Joy Divides

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I wrote this poem to describe the bond of a mother's love and the confrontation of living life on life's terms. I am describing an awaking to the reality of true love post a harsh fall.

Submitted: March 14, 2014

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Submitted: March 14, 2014



Joy Divides by Steve Van


As I woke

And stepped out into the day

There she was


So consistent

So inspiring

So pure and forever loving



I would stretch out to greet her

She would wrap her golden arms around me

Her love undying



I played as she watched

She showed me where to walk



Reflecting beauty

Exposing consciousness

Blessing each living creature



What radiance!

Sweet mother delivering my all



Then a chill would prickle

In a breath it would find me


And I knew

So it was

Her time of rest


Graciously subsiding

She blew a kiss

Colours abounding



First yellow

Then gold

Then red



The sky was on fire

The earth ablaze



As she lay down

Her light would still find me



Tiny diamonds sparkling

Letting me know

She was not far


But this night is not like the rest

I am left alone this time

I hear new voices in the wind


Calling my name

Gently knocking

My eyes widening





I hear the beating of my heart



I peer out

I step out

How can that be?

She doesn't cover me

I am not held by her embrace


Did I break free?

Am I left out?

Am I all alone?



Why now?



This would be the time

She sings me to sleep

Lullaby's through the leaves


Gentle fingers through my hair

Till I slip under her spell



But not now

I have fallen

But not into her silence



Another kind of spell

Holds me now



No I am not alone

Others step out as I do

Keeping close to the shadows



Barren is the night

I feel eyes upon me

Hiding from me at first



Then calling

I draw nearer

It's darker now


Suddenly silence breaks


Blue lights spin

Sirens yelling

Footsteps echo


Bouncing through misty alleys


I find a hiding place

All is still


Flint grinds

Loud but quick

Sweet sensation


I return to her

Centered in her bliss

Dripping pure gold

Like never before



All is still

In a flash She is gone



Blacked out


Way out alone again



No! No! No!



Fear wrapped into extreme!



Tangled confusion

Day and night


Merging seconds




Sweet sour stench

Hot sweat

Crawling, Clenching


She is now out of sight

So far away

Time I have not to contemplate



How could she cut me out?


Tears run dry



Slowly fading


Colouring out


All shades of grey


I try to turn

It's no use

I am held by an icy cold hand


I waken again

I feel my last

I reach out



A gentle touch I recognize

Through the clouds

Her silhouette




Why did you desert me?



Tears falling

Upon mine

She whispers


My son

Seeing my love as a spell

Opened a door to all


Your coming to believe

That fateful night

You were filled with doubt



I shine for you and always will

But thought comes not from me

Nor your dis-ease




Only you can protect your own self

From your will to test


In the darkness I was waiting

Desperately trying to break through



But true dark manifests itself

When fingers open ever wider



Love becomes frozen

From these two sides

Our Joy Divides


© Copyright 2017 Steve Van. All rights reserved.

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Joy Divides

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