Almost Gone By Steve Cook

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Submitted: January 05, 2008

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Submitted: January 05, 2008



Almost Gone
By Steve Cook

Its five a.m. I’m wide awake
Cant sleep with everything on my plate
The dreams, the nights I lay and fight
The loss of you not by my side
Pondering if we’ll make this work
The emotions inside start to churn
Frantic as my mind can get
Lessons learned that I regret
Letting go it feels so right
But now another lonely night
With you there running through my head
All the words I should’ve said
To make you stay don’t leave today
I’ll do anything don’t walk away
Just listen to the words I speak
I’m sorry if their sounding weak
Obsessions of you through out the night
How I wish I could hold you tight
All my thoughts of such despair
Will you ever come back here
What will it take to make things right
I wont give in I’ll stay an fight
My love for you is to damn strong
With you is where I belong
I’ll be here waiting for the call
To surrender my emotions love and all

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