love hurts

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Agony and pain

Submitted: March 10, 2007

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Submitted: March 10, 2007



Agony and pain as a sit for days

All alone in this empty place

Wondering weather I’ll love again

Will this heartache ever end

Everything changes nothings the same

Except for this god awful pain

Emptiness and loneliness that tears me apart

When does it end and where do I start

If love is a good thing then please tell me why

It can make the worlds strongest man cry

What you do unto others will come back to you

So tell me why I’m paying the price for two

I’ve been true and faithful right to the end

Yet still I get hit with this pain again

Shattered heart, pain like death

I’m still left with a second breath

To suffer to hurt with no regret

If that’s the case why cant I forget

I see the darkness creeping up slow

I’m still deciding witch way to go

Follow the light or give in at best

Go to the dark side where I might get rest

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