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pain of love

Submitted: March 10, 2007

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Submitted: March 10, 2007




By Steve Cook

No cuts, no bruises, no broken bones

There’s nothing like this pain of being alone

No blood just pain and tears to gain

Heartache that can drive you insane

Emptiness fills my body, a soulless shell

I feel like I’ve been put through the fires of hell

Sleepless nights with no one to hold

My heart is growing bitter and cold

Drowning my tears and sorrows for years

With this empty liquor bottle I have no fears

Hangovers from hell I sit and dwell

About the cards I was dealt and the way they fell

When someone gets close I push them away

See no one can hurt you if there not here to stay

You’ll be lonely and sad, depressed for a while

But one of these days you’ll learn to smile

So hold your head up have patience you’ll find

That every heartache heals with time

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