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It kills brain cells, it takes lives. No, it's not a Britney Spears concert, it's good 'ol squares. Marybeth, a 15-year old quirky cat with a thirst for knowledge, decides to give into peer pressure of Michelle's cigarettes. As she lights one up, she is taken to multiple universes with a puff of each smoke. Packed with scares, laughs, and dread, This Just In! has it all.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012





Setting: On the footsteps of Lane Tech

Characters: Marybeth, Michelle, Teddy, Skipper, Lazer

Scene One: Marybeth and Michelle sit on the porch steps of Lane Tech.

Michelle: *takes out her cigarette* Get 'er done *hands it to Marybeth* *hands liter*

Marybeth: No thanks Lindsay Lohan. *hands it back to Michelle* *hands back liter*

Michelle: Come on twinkletoes, it's a square not a dare. *hands it back to Marybeth* *hands back liter*

Marybeth: If I wanted my life to be over, I would be Britney Spears at the VMA's *gives it to Michelle* *gives liter*

Michelle: If you wanted your life over, you'd be a British boy band with Jew fros and cookie-cutter pop hooks *hands it to Marybeth* *hands liter to Marybeth*

Marybeth: Here goes nothing Amy Winehouse. *smokes the cigarette* *starts coughing* *puts it out and carries the liter Michelle gave her* Michelle *starts zoning out* [screams] MICHEEELLLLLEEEEE

TITLE CARD: This Just In!

Scene Two: Marybeth and Michelle are in the house with candles lit around the room.

Marybeth: *jumps on bed with Michelle and they're bouncing up and down having a pillow fight. Feathers everywhere* [music playing]

*Her and Michelle are dancing with strobe lights on and confetti flying everywhere. They've stopped* [music ends] 

Marybeth: Michelle! 

Michelle: What?

Marybeth: Weren't we just outside?

Michelle: Oh... I never told you did I?

Marybeth: Continuity error?

Michelle: Those cigarettes... Once you lite one, they take you to a parallel universe.

Marybeth: This looks more perpendicular to me

Michelle: *facepalms*

Marybeth: DUUUUHHHHHHH. Wait so how do you get rid of the place in its entirety.

Michelle: You have to eat it.

Marybeth: EAT IT!?!?!

Michelle: Wait... I think I hear something. *there's a knock at the door* Mary. Uh, maybe it's your idol, Natasha Bedingfield.

Marybeth: *plays "Pocketful of Sunshine" on her iPod* "[song] I got a pocketful of" *pauses song* cum. [laughs]

Michelle: Mary! 

Marybeth: Michelle!

Michelle: Mary!

Marybeth: Michelle!

Michelle: Mary!

Marybeth: Don't get your panties in a bunch. I'll get it. 

Michelle: *wait, let me be beside you* *Marybeth and Michelle* go by the door

Marybeth: *answers door by slowly turning the doorknob* It's stuck!

Michelle: What the fuck? How!!??!! 

Marybeth: I don't know!!! [screams because she sees a demon face on the wall] *runs upstairs with Michelle* *locks bedroom door* *starts breathing loudly*

Michelle: What are we gonna do? 

Marybeth: [starts panicking] I don't know!

Michelle: Why don't we-

Marybeth: [starts screaming because there's a demon by her] [The demon drags Michelle by the legs] [starts screaming, she gets raped by the ghost]

Michelle: [ghost starts chasing Michelle. Michelle now is screaming on the floor. A demon shoves a skull up her vagina. Blood sprays on the camera]

Marybeth: [is still screaming] WAIT! *takes out cigarette* *lits it* Oh shit, Michelle. 


Scene Three: Marybeth is now in the woods. Enter in Teddy, Skipper, and Lazer.

Marybeth: *starts breathing loudly* *sees Teddy, Skipper, and Lazer and charges to them* *puts liter away but has cigarette in her hand*

Teddy: Hey, this motherfucker be stealin' ma weed. *sees cig*

Marybeth: [yells] *shows cig* You see this? You see this!?!?!?!?! I just got raped by a ghost!

Teddy: Casper, that motherfucker? Teddy by the way. *shows hand*

Marybeth: *discards hand* So fucking funny Teddy. Quick we gotta hide. *hides cigarette and liter*

Skipper: Skipper. Not to be confused with the peanut butter Skippy. 

Lazer: Guys, come on. She got raped by motherfucking Casper [Teddy, Skipper, and Lazer crack up]

Marybeth: [screams] AAAHHHH!!!!!! *takes cigarette, lights it, and sticks it in they're arms all one by one* Wait a sec...


Scene four: Back to the scene two. *demons flying everywhere* *everywhere goes their separate ways*

Skipper: *closes the door. Runs to the bathroom.* *the demon releases a spider. the spider crawls on his penis and stings it. green ooze and severed penis hits the camera*

Teddy: *runs to the kitchen* *screams, sees demon* *the demon releases his pants. it turns out Teddy is a drag queen and actually has a vagina. you can see everything. the demon rapes him in the vagina* *he screams* *blood hits the camera* 

Lazer: *runs to the basement, he finds Marybeth*

Lazer: MARY!

Marybeth: Oh fuck no. *grabs a chair and smashes it on Lazer* *blood all over his face. Lazer is knocked out* *Marybeth, screams, sees demon* *demon releases saw. it cuts into Lazer's body and flying intestines, hearts, brains, and kidneys everywhere. Blood and tissue hits the camera*  

Marybeth: Why the FUCK do I keep forgetting about these mother fucking cigarettes?!?!?!?! *takes a puff*


Screen five: Marybeth is back on the porch steps. This time she's all by herself. 

Marybeth: *thinks back to what Michelle said about eating the cigarette. She eats the cigarette* *Mouth pans on her eating the cigarette*

Marybeth: I've had it with these motherfucking cigarettes on this motherfucking staircase.



Side Comment(s): This is the first screenplay I have written for a short story. Please feel free to rip it up as much as you'd like because I want to make the best, scariest, and funniest screenplay I can possibly write. If it helps, I want to keep all the crazy, graphic scenarios. Thank you for taking the time to read it. 








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