A Question for America (New Town)

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In response to the tragedy of New Town.

Submitted: December 21, 2012

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Submitted: December 21, 2012




When a gun goes off you lose control


The bullet now controls you


The hand that pulled the trigger is angry


But anger is fleeting


And regret cannot stop its journey




The hangover of morning will not go away


For you are dead to this world


Anger has found the enemy within


And the bullet has taken your soul




The gun belongs to another time


When England was a threat to you


But now the threat lies in public minds


And this is a decision for you




Can innocence be sacrificed?


By a fear of your neighbour


Are your possessions worth it?


Democracy is the shield


Voted by you


Not this obsession with guns




Anger is in all of us


History has shown the assassin


Kennedy, king and Lennon


Murders unclaimed in every city


All killed by a hand that squeezed a trigger




And the trigger is your illusion


That keeps you safe at night


For your fear is locked away in a drawer


With a gun waiting for you.




The gun awaits your calling


And judgement is yours


Your constitutional right


Though you know it was born to kill




Fear is not America


Your Father’s taught that to you


Look to the constitution


Improvement now belongs to you


The world has moved on


And something’s have to change




Control the guns


Get them off the streets


Our Babies deserve this peace




The gun belongs to the theatre of War


Do not be that person


Who brings a gun to your street?


For the children belong to all of us




Just look into their eyes


And you will see


The truth and your responsibility




And for those who disagree


Go visit the crosses of our children


And read the names of the innocent


And pray that your family name


Is not among them.




And America remember these words


Father forgive us


For we know not what we do.












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