A Soldier's Heart

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A first World War poem about the letters that soldiers send home.

Submitted: November 22, 2012

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Submitted: November 22, 2012



Oh sail this ship on holy water

Let storms be gone today

For the voice of life seeks a tender heart

Away from these fields of despair

A soldier needs God to recognise me


This letter of life, this beacon of hope

Pray land on mother’s doorstep

And give my family the hug

That I cannot bring

For this brings peace to me


The hands of the children

Reach out to fathers gone

I pray that they will remember me


For time has made a stranger

In my babies memory

I fear on my return

They will not know me


And wife you will not see

The handsome man of marriage

For war has made me old

This withered face will tell no stories

So pray do not ask me


My youth has been lost

In generals words and one more push

And my mind has accepted this slaughter

The man that closed the door of home

Cannot return

Life will never be the same for me


My words belong to the soldier

Not to my lovers tears

For we compete with the dead

Epitaphs are our confetti

Littering every street

These once happy bodies

Lay in no man’s land

And they’re pain

Are companions to me?


Their faces call out

“Come join the ranks”

And we who know our fate

Scribble with trembling hand

Will this bombardment never cease?

For fear is all over me


Concealed behind my pencilled words

Except from all who share death with me

Lies a truth lost in the darkest night

The darkness that possesses this life

For war is a father to me.


I am the guardian

Of this decomposing life

Only my corpse can give you the truth

So this letter will stay with me


I will send to you, my beloved wife

Thoughts that will protect your life

I cannot write fancy words

I am fine and I miss you

Hope you and the kids are well

It’s not so bad here

And with gods will

This war will return the man

That is me.


Love Jack.

P S your love will always be with me

Should I die please remember me.


Let me sleep in English soil

For England is my home

Though England will be the death of me

© Copyright 2017 steven cooke. All rights reserved.

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