A tree grows in Avignon

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Avignon is in France. The first and second world wars devastated the population.This poem is in tribute to the resilience of the community in Avignon.

Submitted: February 20, 2012

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Submitted: February 20, 2012



Planted by a Soldiers hand,

She slept, while Europe blazed.

Bore silence through winters cull,

Captured in darkness, there to laze.

Amongst the ruins of Avignon.


Freed by the spring,

Guarded by the sun.

Born in thunders drench

A seedling of hope for Avignon


Gave witness to unjust death,

Found her strength in summer’s breath.

Drank the blood of murders shame,

Grew fertile, her innocence to bear

Seduced by the bees of Avignon


Took confession, the old to cleanse,

Listened to love,

Their dreams to mend.

Sheltered the lost, from Natures eye.

Watched children grow,

And the old men die,

For she is the spirit of Avignon


Planted by a soldiers hand

Her flowers of peace endure

This soul of Avignon,


Her message the symbol of life.

Anonymous to a stranger’s eye,

A cathedral of hope, a grannies smile.

Avignon’s tree of home.

A tree that set us free,

That tree that saved my Avignon.


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