After the battle WW1

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The psychological effects of killing is hard for any soldier.

Submitted: January 18, 2013

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Submitted: January 18, 2013



I felt his breath leave the battle field

as bayonet pierced his heart.

The surprise of death lay in his eyes

his blood poured warmth upon my hands,

anointing my soul with his.


His flow of life will find the earth

to merge with victims past

and another ghost will follow me,

shouting for my demise.


This lowly man who took the shilling

as Judas took his thirty,

now looks across this no man’s land

for this corruption belongs to me.


Beneath this mud

lies the dreams of men

the commandments of life,

now lost within these decaying bones

for this war has silenced them.


And up above heaven receives

the righteous who take their place,

but the blood of my victims

are now a moat

and I would surely drown.

The dreams I have taken

will guard the gates

while angels turn their back to me.


I am the soldier who orchestrates the kill

my sins can wait in heaven.

The Holy Ghost can watch his time

for I am Lord this day.


It takes a soldier to humble the gods

for their power lies with me

a solitary man who has done his duty.

So God, send your laurels to me.


I am one of millions

Destined to be forgotten

But men were born with tears

our tears will match

any storm that you can send

For we are the battle

and death is our destiny


We who feed thisbarrage of blood

now fear the morning mist rise?

For this grey belongs to dead men’s dreams,

their sweet stench a reminder

of what’s to come.

For tomorrow, I will be one of them.


Bury me deep

God must not find me

Anonymity will be my peace

Only Mother,

will remember me.

© Copyright 2017 steven cooke. All rights reserved.

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