An Immortal Love

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What would you give to be with that special person. Can you survive betrayal, and what do you do when you have foresaken everything else?

Submitted: February 26, 2012

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Submitted: February 26, 2012



An immortal love

Hiding within the feathers of an angels wing

My love waits, shy to the world,

Content to fly, never wanting to stay

Until I met you

Now I shed these feathers

To lay with a mortal angel

Whose love

Will forgive my fall from grace.

For my heaven now resides

In the being of you

I have traded immortality for your kiss

A mortal kiss soft, moist, like the birth of a rainbow,

Leaving me with no fear

My sacrifice to love.

But love is a feast

And illusions dance in its shadow

And temptation has a price

For my angel danced with destiny

Now I stand on the precipice alone

An outcast from heaven

With broken wings that can fly no more

The west wind has deceived me, took her away

Like so many broken hearts before me

And my dreams follow in the salt

Of a billion tears

This lost love I keep locked away

Filling a fools emptiness

Deep within my soul

Now and then it escapes

Consuming me in hopeless longing

A trigger for Suicidal thoughts,

In the darkness, just before dawn.

A burden to my being, never to be lifted.

This love is my only Companion

For angels do not look upon me anymore.

This burden is mine to carry

To slow my walk through The Valley of death

For love is my cross

But it is a thing of beauty to show God

And perhaps within my suffering

He will understand

That love and loss is the price

We angels pay for

Living a mortal life.

© Copyright 2017 steven cooke. All rights reserved.

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