Beings in Love

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love poetry

Submitted: November 16, 2012

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Submitted: November 16, 2012




In life we will never meet the forest


only an occasional tree.


We will never meet the wonders beneath the sea


though some will observe the waves above.




 This world is far too big for one life time


and our imagination is a poor substitute,


for things that we can never see.




We are born into a goldfish bowl


imprisoned by time,


and we share our bowl with mortals


who by chance or design


enrich the tapestry of this life


that we lead.




Our hearts will reach out for a mate


a husband, a wife, a lover


in the hope that they will see


the same stars in a sky


that looks down on mortal me




That special being


that defines the inner you,


whose spirit flies beyond


 this glass of existence,


for we have nothing to hide.




And though others see despair


that this fragile glass can bring.


Remember, the glass will always age


 and the winds of fortune will


always take their toll.




But this spark that we call life


will always endure


 in a world with stars above,


for they have witnessed


the meaning of love before.




And in the glow of the opulent night


 we will wish our dreams true


before the sandman washes them away.


And morning will bring your lips to mine


for life was given this way




And as a man and as a women


we will gather the dreams of you and me


for this is the oxygen of life,


and love is the fire, the reason to live


that burns an immortal flame


 within the soul.




And should our goldfish bowl


fall off this table of life,


our love will be set free.


And the earth will grow small


In the wake of this love for you and me




Death will not dim that which we shared


For love will join the opulent night


Destined to shine forever


 In this incorruptible sky.






For eternity can see the forest


and time can meet the sea,


while we shared a love


that created this world




for the world was always you


and I, was always meant


to dwell among the stars,


in a world of love,


that you created for me.








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