Epitaph of the Dragon

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The things humans do

Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013



Chained to these walls of despair

I was condemned by a Judas race.

Assassins’ wait on every corner

hiding in the lights of man

looking for my face.


To be last of your species is a lonely place

in loneliness everyone’s your enemy,

my existence violates this earth.

I am demonised by children not yet born

for I am Auschwitz I am war,

I am the monster behind your door.


Cremation is ordained upon my soul

the future dies when cities burn.

Life gives way to extinction

but the last rights give way to destiny

for the dragon has one last legacy.


Lead me to your abattoir

and take my dignity.

My scales will provide a heroes shield

this blood will give you courage.

Take these eyes made of jade

but do not look too close

for I may possess you.


Artisans take my teeth

record my sins in scrimshaw

for I have flown amongst you.

Memories laid down in human bone

for the samurai has felt my breath

and his god has knelt before me.


Immortality now gives way to fairy tales

Dragons used to frighten children

for it is all you have,

to protect them from reality.

Though some will grow

to envy me.


The truth of mankind

lies on the artists brush

Skilfully mixing your colours of deceit.

Dragons are not your heroes

your excuse, you were following orders.


The dragon is the darkest secret of mankind,

in your actions I became the executioner

and you a plague of demons

that washed my soul away.


But always remember,

when you look into the fire

there will always be a dragon

looking back at you.

Waiting to reclaim his throne

from the demon that exists in you.

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