Footsteps of the Tiger

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The extinction of large predators is only a matter of time. The modern World is blind.

Submitted: January 10, 2013

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Submitted: January 10, 2013



The tears of the tiger

Trapped in this snare of man

Fades into an ancient kingdom

Where silent footsteps once reigned

To feel his breath upon your neck

Is to know that death has come

His lick will taste your soul

And jaws will steal your flesh

His honour will take your sacrifice

And your fears will die with you.

But should his wits fail

To my ambitions,

Then he will know

That I am top predator

Oh beautiful creature

Whose grace was born to kill?

Your Hyde is but a bauble to me

When I have forgotten this day

Moths will feast on your memory

These glass eyes that I give to you

Will see this mausoleum

That I have created

For death has always been my work

Yet when I see the tears of noble beast

Defeated by a cruel world

One feels his tears run down my soul

And something is lost to me

Your eyes that once stalked this life

Celebrating discovery of prey

Hide tears of a changing world

Your destiny is to talk in silence

Though your roar now falls silent

You were always heard in my heart

The message consumes this hunter with guilt

But no one will hear,

Except the tiger and me

Being human I wish to be a tiger

For in life he was a great king

And only time can make him a pauper

His magnificence is his downfall

But in death he was always

A noble being.

I was the darkness

That tried to touch his light

But I am not worthy

I am the pauper who destroyed a king

And now the future

Belongs to paupers

Who will never see

A World that was once filled

With suchnoble things

For all that remains

arethe shadows of me.

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