Kiss Of Immortality

Status: Finished

Kiss Of Immortality

Status: Finished

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Kiss Of Immortality

Poem by: steven cooke


Genre: Horror



An Interview with a Vampire


An Interview with a Vampire


Submitted: February 16, 2013

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Submitted: February 16, 2013



A grain of sand was once my rock

this rock was once my life

and life was but a story,

lost in the nurseries of time.


The shadows you see

cannot be trusted,

the sun bleeds red in shame

fleeing to another realm,

for it is time for me to reign.


I who have seen

the doors of time close

on ambitions of kings

and paupers dreams.

Decay and deceit

all pay homage to me,

behind this curtain of immortality.


Immortality that sweetly came

under the shadow of injustice gallows.

Exiled out of reach of Christ,

my saviour an angel of the night.

Her kiss of darkness

my redemption from life.


Life is now a memory

no fear upon my lips.

Only light can bar my way

for darkness is where I play.

These wings of death

will plague your dreams

and you will long for me.


Long for the thirst of liquid life

To take the thing that life denies.

No bride can cross this altar

for love will wakewith me.


And love will be

an image of God

that mirrors cannot find.

I will be the valentine

concubines my queen

and together we will lurk

amongst this vineyard of blood

salivating on what we see.


Humanity will soon be ripe

fermenting in their illusions of life,

your shadows are destined for me.

Room temperature and decanted right

for tonight I have a gracious bite.


Death will come in empty glass

for sleep will find no blood.

Your existence will not be wasted

for the night now owns your soul.

The stars will be you’re only light

and another victim will die this night.

© Copyright 2016 steven cooke. All rights reserved.

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