love in all it's glory

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Submitted: May 22, 2012

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Submitted: May 22, 2012



Within the petals of the rose

captured in the fragrance of the orchid.

Nurtured by the holy water of love,

drenched in the sunlight of your being,

my love is kept safe in the woman

that is you.


Within your eyes there is a flame

born of passion, fuelled by a sacred trust.

A beautiful woman beyond Michael Angelo’s imagination

and beyond the dreams of any first love.


Your face worthy of every knights quest

With a smile that my dreams can play

over and over, in a world,

that only you and I know


Where we can walk, hand in hand

Through dreams that have not yet spoken

Down paths where our emotions merge

Where two hearts beat as one

In this glorious thing we call love


Here our souls can lay down together

Away from this troubled world

To make love, for angels to envy

Where your kisses heal the man that is me

To bring me back from the abyss


To see the sunrise through your eyes

Hand in hand with my one true love

And when we are three

I pray that our child will grow

To find love, and a happiness like this.

Just like you and me

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