Mercy For A Memory

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A poem which I wrote after hearing David Attenborough.For a man to have spent most of his life working with the Natural World there is a realisation that we too are part of nature and thus come under the law of top predator. Even though we have this advantage our brain is contaminated with arrogance for the planet we live on

Submitted: December 13, 2012

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Submitted: December 13, 2012



Cut the trees

and cut your veins

For your extinction is entwined


These creatures that have been robbed of home

are on this conscience of mine.

Can my existence

be above their creation


Is extinction my legacy?

Will god forgive my sins?

or am I the parasite from above.


Death and destruction are part of me

Can heaven really want the likes of me?

My number will pillage the earth

and only god can stop me.


But in this testimony

the shadows of past will condemn

and the time draws near,

when I too will become a memory.


This life that shared the will of man

will thank god for my demise

for I will repent,

though the universe is blind

For I am insignificant

A temporary molecule in time.


I humbly accept this judgement

Of a higher being, for we cannot trust ourselves

My nature is to destroy the things of life.

This is the sum of mankind

For greed is programmed into me


Will the dodo forgive from above?

Was its flesh worth the feast?

Every day the beauty of creation disappears

Will these creatures that are now silent

Ever forgive.


Can arrogance belong to the dawn of man?

Does this final supper belong to me?

The earth devoid of life,

My power is that of progress

And reward is a desert without life my kingdom


Can this universe stop the devil in Man?

For I am mankind, heaven is my arrogance

And I am the king of life

Ruler of all this silence


And now it is too late

For silence has found me.

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