My Rose My Light My Love

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Love beyond this life

Submitted: June 25, 2012

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Submitted: June 25, 2012



I am absent from heavens table

for I miss my love.

Compassion from an angel

helped me slide down a moonbeam,

to visit your lonely heart.


As you sleep, I am with you my darling,

the warmth of my love

creating a fire in your memory.

Where we can sit and talk,

in the glow of embers love.


In this realm we can feel love once again.

Let us dance above these flames of desire,

you in your prom dress and me,

the boy, you made a man.


Once again I can hear your whispers,

Of love and a life together.

Carried on a gentle breeze

listened to by inquisitive angels,

smiling from their windows above


Your words seeding my lonely soul,

trembling my Heaven

with dreams for eternity to keep.


Tonight the moon smiles for you and me

for she too remembers,

the tears of joy from our first kiss

slowly running down both our cheeks.


We never knew they were tears from heaven.

Precious was that moment,

for we never saw the hour glass empty.


But pain did not hurt,

for your face was always with me

and love cannot be killed by time.

For our love will endure

And heaven has dreams for us.

For mortal time is but a light,

to pick that one special rose,

that grows beyond this life.


The Clouds of dreams are lifting

time is slipping through my fingers

And the angel is calling.


So a secret promise, I now plant

for your soul to cherish,

wrapped in love

to dwell in the recess of your mind.

To be opened when angels call.


For our prom date is not yet over

the music will play on

and I will be waiting,

to hold my rose once more.


And dreams will be ours to make,

to dance under a smiling moon,

to live an angel’s life.


And no more will I miss you.

My rose, my light,

my love.

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