Natures Democracy

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In England we are experiencing temperatures of 75 degrees in Mach. Normally it would be snowing. There is a hosepipe ban and Bees are out in February. The common starling is rarely seen. It is clear Change is happening. Considerations such as capatilsm and individual needs should take second place, to united strategy to address this global phenomenon.

Submitted: March 30, 2012

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Submitted: March 30, 2012



Democracy is at America’s heart

You lead while others follow

And your citizens bear the right to be free

With freedom comes responsibility

And democracy applies

To all who inhabit this earth?


Within this premise Kyoto speaks

That sound which disturbs

The majority of a wider democracy


You deny their global solution

In favour of the American way

But there are whispers in the wind

For nature too believes in democracy

And nature will make the agreement for you


For she is omnipotent to unleash her democracy

You can deny your future, but your ghosts will deny you

This way of life feeds a changing climate

And nature gathers her strength

Slowly rising to give you her answer


The Hurricane and tornado

The desert and the flood

Her democracy to maintain

A balance within the hemispheres


Your Freedom is a noble thing

For freedom lies in every beast.

But only humans carry the burden of democracy

This is the price we pay for freedom


But freedom is worthless

When all you grow is destroyed

When all you build is washed away

When all that you hold dear is taken without mercy


Look over the fence

Look beyond your borders

Look at your planet

And look at this baby born

For it may never grow up to remember you

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