The Bible According To Netto

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Inspired by a walk in Netto supermarket

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



(please note dunners are debt collectors)

(Netto is a low cost supermarket)


In these isles of cheap illusion

the kids run free,

screaming for the sugar of childhood.

While their mother walks on

down wine bottle lane,

to escape life’s demons

for one more day.



The shells of beings look

 but do not see.

Part time lives

in worn out trainers

minimum wage to stretch,

their withered faces

all smart price packed,

on another out of date trolley.



Buy one get one free,

a horse burger is a burger

a person is a person.

Each hiding themselves from the world,

Incognito in a world of poverty.



Tomorrow the kids will cry

each will find their jail.

The weight of despair

will sentence their lives

 In these streets

You will find a different kind of humanity.



Where social security

hears the dunners knock

and boredom leads to exotic dreams,

wrapped up in foil of rainbow brown.

We all crave the womb

for the world cannot reach us there.



And behind the curtain

the detritus of existence survives.

Old men in young men’s clothes

with regret filled veins

counting the burglars sin

as the blue light of night closes in.



The child becomes a woman

and woman carries the pain.

Another babe born

the hand of indifference

 grabs another box

Of powdered baby milk,

for family allowance is her work.

Life belongs to an electric token

and a chip pan of joy

her disfiguring pleasure in life.



These are the isles

where no one has a name

complete with a special offer of sadness.

Existence is a hangover for under a fiver

for this is the sum of life.

and no one will take away

this credit on society

our triple (A) rating of poverty.










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