The Murder of Civilisation

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England is a shadow of her former self

Submitted: January 20, 2013

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Submitted: January 20, 2013



An Englishman lost in afternoon tea,

Memories of a lotus flower love

Rajas and elephants in Delhi

Livingstone the explorer

Religion to convert

Laurence of Arabia

A leader of men

The Boers and the Zulus

Gordon and Khartoum

These are the things that shook the world

Silk and Cotton,

The wealth of Empire

Earl Mountbatten our man in Burma

The cry of Bombay and Ceylon

Oblivious to a young man’s dream

England was the world

Her Empire was great

For the sun never did sett

On her wealth

The jewel in this noble crown

Yet History was not kind

Exploitation her crime

Though civilisation came hand in hand

For Freedom we planted

Democracy you chanted

The union jack you did burn

And what have you learned

Greed breeds poverty in silence

Sectarian dogma your anthem

Murder by the chosen few

How flourishes your tree

When your morals all flee

With bombs in the souk

And murder by troops

Education restricted

The poor evicted

To make way for corruption

And tyrants consumption

Look to the horizon

For there lies Britain

It's empire gone

But our pride lingers on

Can your freedom say the same?

Or is oil to blame?

Who shall we accuse?

For your freedoms abuse?

Not the British

Love us or hate us

England brought you civilisation

And civilisation lives on

In this green and pleasant land

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