Choosing Mass Murder

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So this poem or lyrics is about the Aurora movie theater shooting. I was actually in Aurora when it happened. I was there for a family reunion and my wife, my cousins and I where trying to go see the Dark Knight Rises in that theater. We could not find tickets so we ended up not going. Woke up the next morning and we heard the news. I was in shock. We could have been there. Crazy what life can hand you.

Submitted: May 30, 2015

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Submitted: May 30, 2015



Choosing Mass Murder

The unknown of what value is.

Do we have both no value and be good or ultimately evil.

My mind feels isolated. The real me is fighting the biological me.

That is my state of mind, it's broken and I need to fix.

No more will I fear consequences, being alone, and isolated.

Embracing the hatred a dark knight will rise.

A cruel twist in everyones fate are unkind to the misfortunate.

Speak truthfully and deflect incriminating questions.

My targets are random. Mass  casualties will be inflicted.

Choosing mass murder is my end game. Being caught is most certain. 

I rise in the dark, the big screen lights up my targets.

The screams fix my broken mind. This is my value.


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