Earth's Fight for Survival

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is going to be one day a concept album. Its about an Alien takeover of earth and can the human race be saved?

Submitted: December 11, 2015

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Submitted: December 11, 2015



The journey will begin momentarily. First let me warn you on what you are about to hear. We will take you back 25 years from now on Planet Earth. Earth is fighting a serious pandemic. Millions of humans have died around the world.  No one seems to know what is causing this pandemic. Is there a cure on the horizon? Is this the end of civilization? The year is 2015 and this is the story of EARTHS FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL.

Our journey will began fallowing a human not yet named. Living in the city of Chicago this human has no idea that his story will live on forever.

Ordered not to leave our home.
For the safety of the public.
Glued to the television day and night.
Waiting for some good news.
But everything has gone to shit.
Holding my wife and son 
Thinking this is the only way I can protect them
We all pray for this nightmare to end.

The days keep passing by with no answer
The city is in a panic.
People fleeing there homes.
Destroying the city in rage.
Not a care in the world what will happen.
Just stay locked up in our home and we fight this tel the end.

Finally some great news on the television.
We have a cure. We have a cure.
Our prayers have been answered.
Hope is on the horizon 

Military going door to door around the city 
As they draw near we get checked to make sure we are not infected. 
They check all three of us.
My light turns green meaning clean.
My wife and sons turn red.
The doctors yell for help.
What is going on?
Are they infected?
Im held back by the military.
They rush my wife and son to a tent.
I free myself and Run after.
The doctors strap them down to a table.
Doctors say they have giving them a different cure.
I watch them scream in horror
They wont let me near to help calm them.

The minutes feel like hours.
My family cant be sick.
Doctors do their checks.
All of the sudden my wife and son break free
They stand side by side not moving.
Their appearance has changed drastically
It’s something out of this world that I cannot describe.
The doctors try and help but they attack them. 
Military come in guns a blazing
Firing at my wife and son.
I yell to stop but it’s too late
My wife and son are dead.
I fall to my knees and scream with terror.

5 YEARS IN PAIN(possibly acoustic)
Another bottle down another night of empty feelings
Another bottle down another night of loneliness
Another bottle down another night without them.
5 years in pain will it ever fade away?

Another night on the streets
Another crazy homeless man speaking of conspiracy 
The shots we got 5 years ago are tracking devises.
The shots we got 5 years ago send signals to our brains
The shots we got 5 years ago killed my wife and son.
Another bottle down.

It’s a cold winter’s night.
Huddling next to a fire pit.
Feeling my bones ache from the pain I’ve suffered.
Wanting the fire to burn my flesh.
The crazies begin there rants.
Time to take a walk.

Walking the streets of the city.
I Fight my way through the crowds.
Getting angry at everyone who runs into me.
So i stop in my tracks and no one notices.
Its like I vanished from society.
Just the way i like it.

I awake with an empty bottle next to me.
I rise from my hazy state and look to the skies.
beams of light shining though the midnight sky
Eyes glued then lights vanish.
Quickly grab my empty bottle wishing it was full.
Finally pass out with fear in my eyes.

I start to hear the rumors from the crazies.
Cell phones out of service 
TV stations cutting in and out.
Our technology is failing.
Government says not to panic.
They have a plan in place. 
Plan to destroy us all more like it.
Now I’m talking like those crazies.

Waking up from the horrors night brings
Unholy dreams peg my eyes
Shocking the very soul it pounds the heart
Grab the bottle and start chugging.

Again it paralyzes down to the core
Bright white lights flashes outside.
A dark figure lunges at me.
Their frozen gaze meets mine
Move, scream, I cannot.

Blurred vision takes me
Strapped down the bench is freezing
The figure again surrounds the bench
Cannot move can’t break free

The cold bench is replaced by the cold ground.
Was it only a dream? Horrors cannot possibly be real
Cannot think, pushing the thoughts away.

It’s been a long few nights.
Sleep is not my calling.
My dreams feel like a horror movie.
The bottle helps me cope but wont help me sleep.

Laying in an ale by myself
I start to feel more aware of things
I stand and feel light on my feet
My energy level has reached a high
I feel more alive then ever before

I get up and start running.
Running faster and faster through the streets.
I stop to catch my breath but I’m not out of it.
The energy I have is astonishing.
I could run for days.

I get the sense like I'm being fallowed.
I look around and i can see through walls.
I see military tailing me.
What do they want with me?
They come out of hiding and surround me.
They don’t say a word and fire.
My eyes slow down time and I see a dart not a bullet.
I quickly dodge it and run down an ale.
They continue to fire and I continue to dodge them.
But I’m not that fast as one hits me in the neck.
I quickly hit the ground and pass out.

I wake to yelling
My eye sight is a blur 
Try to move around but
I am strapped down to a table.
Is this another dreadful dream?

Bright lights shine down on me
My vision clears.
I see military uniforms everywhere.
Machines are hooked up to me
I start listening to their conversation
But could only understand a few words.
Giant spaceships and the end of the world.
I try to speak but they knock me out again. 

The final preparations are being made for our takeover.
Earths technology is failing so they will not see us coming.
The human experiment is finished.
The human is our key to total domination.
Our leader gives the order to decent.
Earth will soon be ours to take.

On a cold winters day.
The humans look to the skies.
Questioning what falls, panic sets in.
Should they run, or watch what happens next.
As the UFO's start to land around the world.
They unleash hell on Earth.

The aliens destroy everything in their path.
Attacking all major cities around the world.
The humans run for their lives.
The military fight back but to no avail.
Will the humans find a way to survive?
Or is this the end of all mankind. 

I awake to screams
Vision is still blurred
Still on the table but I am free
Filing my way through the destruction.
Death looms everywhere I look.
What has happened?

I am finally outside of all the destruction
A battle looms on in the distance.
I see the military planning a course of action
I try to escape quietly but to no avail.
They turn to me and look frightened at what they see
They point their guns at me and I raise my arms
But my arms are not my arms.
They fire at me with no hesitation but no bullets can penetrate.
I lower my arms and I attack 
Killing every human in sight.
AWARENESS (maybe acoustic)
Frightened at what I have done
I run from the scene
I need to stop and think
I take a glimpse at my arms. 
Long green slimy arms.
What the hell did they do to me?
My head spins and visions appear in my eyes.
I see aliens experimenting on me.
Light headed I black out and hit the ground.

These aliens come from a distant galaxy.
A galaxy they no longer can call home.
They are called the Zellhoy's
The Zellhoy's plan is working to perfection.
The human race is falling to their feet.
The aliens activate the human experiment to full potential
The Human named Dave is now a powerful Zellhoy set to wipe out the human race.

The aliens unleash hell on earth.
Destroying towns and cities.
The Human Zellhoy is a true killing machine
Slaughtering everything in its path.
He is the human wipeout.

The fight is not over
The human race must survive
World's leaders activate protocol 58
What is protocol 58?

A telepathic computer that will reach every human brain still alive
How is this technology possible?
Has the government used it before? 
What will the computer tell the humans?
Some questions are not to be answered.

15 spaceships are hidden around the world.
Spaceships that can keep the human race alive.
Will the humans survive long enough to reach the ships?

Activating protocol 58 has a huge effect on the Human Zellhoy.
Dave has the same cure as every human.
The cure has Dave’s mind in a flux.
Cant compute what the mission is.
His mind is on overdrive and the human Zellhoy shuts down.
Just like a computer.

Dave awakes and he knows what to do.
Traveling at astonishing speeds around the world
Killing every alien in sight.
Helping the helpless reach the ships.

Space Ships almost full and ready for takeoff.
As they takeoff the zellhoys attack the ships.
One falls, then another and another
Dave fights to keep the space ships from falling.
Only 8 make it out of earths atmusphere.
But its not over yet.

Alien ships that are in earth’s orbit start to attack.
The human’s space ships fire their weapons.
The battle leaves only 5 human space ships alive.
Leaving planet earth probably for the last time.
Where are these ships heading?
Who is in charge? Will the zellhoys follow us or keep earth to themselves?
Is Dave the human Zellhoy still alive?

© Copyright 2020 Steven Jacobs. All rights reserved.

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