within the circle

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within the circle is how I look at life!!

Submitted: March 25, 2016

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Submitted: March 25, 2016



within the circle;?life is a circle. we are within the circle. where did we come from ? who are we? what are the limits, the purpose of life ?there is power. mind see's the power,explores it.life is the game.the extensive.the most powerful. there is eternity. forever.all time.yet as people we are small,limited .. we seek power,eternity,peace. there is no peace, peace is wholeness , completion,perfection.. within the circle nothing is complete except the circle.death is ...? the end . for atheists.the beginning chrishans.transihon? awakening? peace! we can't understand unless we go outside the circle. anyhing outside the circleis forbidden.anything brought back is contraband . all true understanding is contraband .within the circle there is the understanding of the game..a limited understanding..distorted by the circle boundary.truth destroys the circle.dissolves life.  awareness of truth destroys willingness to play the game ..but etermity is long.eternity is but an eyeblink ! the game goes on. the circle is also eternal !!!!srp

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