pause,recap and resume

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when a down and out young man is at his weakest time, he is visited by his guardian after a tragic accident and is forced to pause recap and resume and is at peace with himself. After much confusing and convincing from his guardian this story captures the inner thoughts of many people about there after life.

Submitted: July 25, 2011

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Submitted: July 25, 2011




By steven reider


It was a gray Saturday morning, the slow and sluggish type.  A cluttered mind with time wasting, pointless chores.  Chores to be done over and over, like a monkey trained to please its master.  Waking up to the pitter patter of rain drops hitting my window is not the most inspirational way to help my efforts of turning my life around.  My life’s battery was dieing, I needed a jump.  This gray Saturday morning will be a sun shining summer afternoon barbecuing in your back yard with friends and family. 

But in my efforts to jump out of my car to run and get a ball for a young child who was naively running in a busy street to get it, I was victimized. A Black Cadillac escalade, a thoughtless materialistic prick.  The one that cares about looks, getting girls, money and having fun living his life.  Which ironically led to ending another person’s life.

But where did I end up, a wide open area.  This just so happened to be a fear of mine, but caught my eye and was just simply beautiful.  I looked around with every step sending a wave of energy behind me then drops.  I stumble around in awe when I notice a ticking clock with no numbers on it.  The ticking hand is there seemingly pointless.  I reached up to stop the ticking clock in efforts to freeze time, using my stereotypical brain.  To my disappointment nothing occurred after that.  So I walked becoming desperate for any help of some sort.  When in the distance one of the coolest guys I have ever seen is stumbling around just like me but carelessly.  His hands in his skinny denim jeans.  His loose tank top showing his full body tattoos surrounding his stomach, chest, arms and neck.  Two medium sized gauged ears, one lip ring and loose dread locks going down to his lower back.  With all the guts I had I went up to him to see what was going on.

"How is your heaven" he shouted about 20 feet away from me while he walked so we will meet half way. "My heaven?” I asked confusingly.  "Nah I’m kidding, I call it more of a pause, recap and resume" he said grinning.  "I’m confused I just want to know what’s happening" I pleaded. "Relax and enjoy before you have to resume" he said now being close enough to shake my hand. "My names Travis I’m your guardian", "my guardian?' I asked even more confused.  "I have served all I needed to; I have helped many others, made a difference and broke cycles." "What? Cycles?' I asked.  "You know like cycles of ignorance going around generations, I destroyed that in 8012" he said trying to be modest.  and before I could talk he covered my mouth and explained "listen, you have done it all after doing everything possible to be what YOU think is a good person your duties are done and you can come and pause up here." "So I have done good things?" I asked surprised. "Of course, you were killed trying to save a Childs life, and you did save it." "But there’s no heaven but there this pause then we recap your life you pick a place you think you could do better and you want to change then you resume." "So my life is never ending mistakes and corrections?' I asked.  "Yeah you could say that, except your not always going to be jimmy you could be Elizabeth or an unnamed Chinese village boy."  "So ill be incarnated?", "no you will be one of the greats taking others lives fixing and helping then leaving, that’s what happened to the jimmy you when you were always upset" Travis explained. "So while I was going through that period of my life that was another great fixing my life? How is that possible I was in the worst period of my life then?" I explained.  "Didn’t you save a little child; did you go out and bother the whole neighborhood with drunken antics? Did you get into fights and steal things?' he shouted.  "Well no I stayed home alone all day" "exactly" he yelled with a big smile. "You understand now? Now you have done it and you are at one with yourself now you need to resume and ill see you soon." Thank you Travis but will I remember this at all?" I asked.  "Not one bit good bye jimmy see you in the next pause."

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