Silence On Your Knees

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One of my poems, all comments gratefully recieved, thanks

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



Silence is a word seldom spoken by man,
Quietly never shouted, screamed but never more than.
A gunshot doesn't bring peace but words can start a war,
Unknown to a world what a government is for.
A testament to lies spoken loud and clear and free,
Freedom at a cost when bending to your knee.

Close your eyes and build a wall behind,
Breathe as much free air as your taxes provide.
Money spent on guns, a war on terror,
Lives laid down at the cost of forever.
Provide the expenses so rats may strive,
Lift up a pedestal so that politics may survive.

Desperate words, what can one man do?
Live in dirt, sweat and fear till his goals are through.
Earn a million on the tele; sell your soul to the devil,
The working class, a modern day rebel.
Raise your hands and don't let the enemy retreat,
Bite the hand that feeds and stand to your feet.

Sit back and watch as the world burns to the ground,
Decisions swayed by greed, no honesty to be found.
Not to be taken lightly or even ignored by some,
Were all trapped in a prison, I believe the time has come.
Time to say what we think or hide in the trees,
But no longer can I scream, silence on your knees.

© Copyright 2018 Steven Salkeld. All rights reserved.

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