Cloud Watching

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I wrote this for school and it was really good. I don't know to how summary it up but if you read it, I hope you won't be too disappointed. I think it's good. I spent a lot of researching the comcept. It might need some editing but that is because I was given an earlier due date (haha) so...enjoy...

Submitted: August 09, 2010

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Submitted: August 09, 2010



Cloud Watching
Children run past me with their squeaky voices. An old man sits in his blue pickup truck as he drinks his cup of coffee. A boy is playing with a basketball. Of course, Molly is spinning in her best Sunday dress and Debbie ran off to get our hot chocolate. Molly is singing her favorite song. My precious little girl. She looks at me as we wait at the stoplight. Married for not too long now, Debbie and I try to make sure our daughter is happy. We spoil her with her love. I even taught her to cross the street.
"Never cross the street when the light is green!" She chanted, holding onto my hand. "Are we going to get hot chocolate from Denny's Dinner?"
I chuckled and scooped her into my arms. "It is called a diner not a dinner."
"I think Denny's Dinner suits it better, daddy." She wrapped her arms around my neck. "Everybody knows that!"
"Yeah but your old man here does not know that." I tickled her and we walked across the street.
"You are not that old, daddy." She giggled and I set her back on the floor. "Hurry, we have to get to mommy!"

I watched as she ran off without me. Her puffy brown hair pulled into two ponytails. I never did fancy ribbons. There were too old school for such a modern day world. But her blue ribbons tail behind her as she runs like she is flying. She is nothing but a red blur when she is gone off across the street.
"Molly! Wait for me to cat-"
The car did not stop. Even though the light was red, that fool kept going. I watched as Molly went flying into the the middle of the street. I froze where I stood. I saw Debbie holding the cups of hot chocolate in her hands. As soon as she saw what happened, the cups went to the floor. She ran before I could. Not like I could. I just could not move.
"Molly!" She clutched the only daugther we ever had in her hands. Her body so lifeless and cold. "Molly! Wake up!"
The fool of that car gets out and rushes to her.
"I am so sorry. I was just-"
"You killed my baby!" Debbie's screams at him through her tears. "You killed her!"
Who knew such three words could haunt a man forever. After that day, Debbie and I drifted apart. We were too young for this stuff. I guess it was a mistake. When I did move out, I did not take any of my stuff. I just quit then and there. The only reason we got married was because of Molly. We loved Molly, do not get me wrong but the love we shared was long gone after that. We stayed together because that is what Molly needed. A mommy and a daddy. Without Molly, Debbie and I could not stay together. I may have taken any of my stuff but I did take those blue ribbons she wore on her last day. What do you do with your life after that? Twenty-two and no college degree. What future do I hold out for myself?
~Four Years Later~
"Thank you, Bri." Ms. Meloni smiled as I closed the windows. "It's nice to have you around. Always so helpful. So, how is college going for you?"
"Fine," I mumbled, locking the windows.
"How is Joan?" Her face lit up for my news.
"She cheated on me with my best friend...again." I shut the blinds.
"That sucks." Ms. Meloni shook her head. "How are you coping these days, Brian? You know since the accident with Molly?"

"Sorry but I have to get going Ms. Meloni. I have to get to my classes. I'll make sure Susie brings your dinner over on time."
I grabbed my textbooks and my bicycle helmet. I pushed my bag and books into the wire basket. My scuffy dark hair stuck to my head. My bike strolled over the hills. I am Brian Burch. Everyone mostly calls me Bri. I don't know why, they just do. I hate flowers, pretty colors, and life. My daughter, Molly Burch, got hit by car. She was just a sweet six year old. The man was drunk and he had fallen asleep at the wheel. Molly did not suffer as they said. She died on impact. I faintly remember her as the days pass by. I had tied her blue ribbons to my bike. Something to trail behind me like it did when she wore them. I had married Debbie when I was seventeen, a year after Molly was born. Then I was twenty-two. No real education besides high school. I had decided to enroll into college. As time passed, Debbie and I got a divorce. A year later, I met Joan but as you can see, things are not really working out. I can not have real good relationships because I can not get over Molly.
"Hey," This girl with the blond and black highlights says. I recoginzed her from my Law Journal class.
"Hi," I continued to chain my bike to the rack.
"Look, I have liked you for a long time. I know you have a girlfriend already and I do not to trouble you guys. I just wanted to tell you that I have always admired you. I guess since this is my last year here, I thought I let some things off my chest." She sighed.
"I am single for the record." The words weigh my tongue down. I do not know why I just told her that. "I am flattered by your feelings but.."
Joan ran over, removing the girl from my view.
"Forgive me! We were both drunk and stupid!" She pleaded. "I swear, Bri, I never met to hurt you. I mean Frank and I never met to-"
"Save it," I raised my hand to stop her.
I only fell for Joan because of her hair. It smelled like spring mornings. Molly use to smell that way as well. I looked at the girl with the hair. She had that look in her eye.Was it pity? Just like that time my mother forget to pick me up and it was pouring rain? Or like that time Molly died and everyone looked down on us. Saying sorry this and sorry that. Sorry does not bring back the only I child I ever had and loved. Now does it?
"Let's face it. You like Frank. I am not your pity case." I grabbed my stuff and walked off.
I opened the door pulling my helmet off. I wiped the dirty sweat from the nape of my neck. The air conditioning system in the school was working just fine today. I pulled off my sweater to catch from of this coldness. I felt her slide past the door. That girl with the hair from before.
"Brian, I do not think you caught my name." She walked beside me, shifting her bag to her other arm. "I'm Jodi Hayden. But everyone just calls me Jo."
"Figures," I walked faster.
"So, I guess you'll give it some thought, right?" She pestered. "I know this may sound stalkerish but I know about Molly." She took a deep breath.
I stared at her for a long time then looked into her green eyes. "Everyone knows about Molly." I bit on my bottom lip. "Why do you even like me?"
"You remember that time you helped out with that show for you daughter in her drama program?" She folded her arms in front of her.
"Yeah?" I raised my eyebrows at her. "I was lead singer. What does that have to do with anything?"
"It was so cute. You did it with so much passion! You jumped all over the stage while they followed you. My brother kept talking about how cool you were. You were such a great singer. I mean that's not why I like you but it is one of the many reasons why." She smiled at me. "I am sorry about your daugther. You are a great man, Brian. You take care of Ms. Meloni. You took care of your daughter and still mantained high school. You use to sing her such sweet songs."
"What ever happened to those days?" My thin smile turned back into a frown.
Then the final bell rang, interrupting our sudden silence.

"Well, I have to head off to...uh..."
"Class," She giggled.
"Yeah, that." I walked away. Every few seconds I peered over my shoulder just to see her face. What is happening to me?
"Hey! If you ever want to talk, I watch the clouds out in the football sometimes. Stop by after school, any day of the week!" She called out.
On the grassy football field, I found her. She was staring up at the clouds. The clouds shifted past above us. I can see why she cloud watches. This view is amazing. I drop my bag on the floor. She looked up to see it was me. She grinned widely. She got straight down to business.
"Tell me more about Molly." She crossed her legs in front of her. She invited me to sit.
"She was sweet. I had her when I was sixteen by mistake. I could not keep a girlfriend so when I found Debbie, I clutched to her. After I found out she was pregnant, I married her. We only married because our stupid views of life. A child deserves a mother and a father. When she died, I was just twenty-two. My life had no purpose without her. I had no real form of education besides high school. So I enrolled into college. Debbie and I could not stay together. I did not want her to leave me, but I had no choice."
"Would you have rather mourned with her or see her succumb to depression because of you and Molly? Think about it. She lost you both that day."
"You are right and now I feel stupid for not being there for her. I was just lonely."
"I was lonely once. The brightside is, the clouds tell me stories. I think now they can tell me a story about Molly." She smiled at me.
"Stars are my favorite things to look at."
"How come?"
"Stars always come around. Somedays, clouds disappear."
"Yes but that tells you a story. People don't last forever. Just like clouds."
"I have seen clouds so many times before but now, it feels like the first time. I think I can see Earth's atmosphere and ozone layer. Can you believe that beyond these clouds, a big open space.
"Molly is there." She reached for my hand and squeezed it. "I bet she wishes you were there."
"What happened to your family?" I asked, trying to change the subject.
"Something bad happened. I was left to live with my grandma. I haven't seen my parents since then." She frowned but then she smiled at me. "But then I met you."
"You would not be happy with me. I never got over Molly."
"I learned from my life experiences that it takes time." She squeezed my hand again.
"Yes," I looked up at the clouds. "That one is shaped like a bowl."
We watched as the clouds got together and formed this big black and blue cloud.
"It's going to rain." I say, remembering I left my umbrella at Ms. Meloni's house.
"It is not really rain." She shook her head. "When one of the clouds are upset, they huddle together to comfort that one cloud. So they all cry about their problems. Then the Sun comes out because they are happy again."
Such a pretty way to put it. Is that suppose
to be about me and Molly?" She nodded and smiled. "Hey, how did you know that I come and take of Ms. Meloni? She is personal friend of mine. She use to watch Molly for me. I never told anyone about her. Unless you followed me there." I laughed.
"No," Jodi shook her head swiftly and dropped my hand. "She is my grandmother. My father is the man that killed your daughter."

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