A dizzy love

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This is what love, I think, is about. I was looking at my works and it looks like I'm depressed :-) so I decided to try how good I am at writing about falling into love. It was actually kind of easy, but tell me if I'm bad please because this is my first work in the genre. I hope you like it and please look at all my other works :-).

Submitted: June 02, 2012

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Submitted: June 02, 2012



A smiling laughing girl

Watches the world go dizzy

She laughs at the feel of adrenaline and the pounding of her heart

Shes starting to think

That everything's unique

She's in her slap happy world

But it isn't just her own

She is with a boy

But I'd rather say man

He feels giddy

as he takes her hand

She looks at him in surprise

But the corners of her sweet lips rise

Her fingers drowns

As his fingers swallow hers

She is beautiful in the way she is

He is perfect in the way

He isn't

They aren't spinning in a circle

But that's how it feels

as they look at the sky above

As they fall in love


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