All Your Scars

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True love doesn't have to be dramatic. When you fid true love you know that it means someone knows and loves you for everything you are. For everything you do wrong and every time you slip up. For every nuance and every scar. Cause that's what make who you are.

Submitted: August 05, 2012

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Submitted: August 05, 2012



You were someone who got under.

All seven layers.

Of my skin.

With the lies.

You lied.

To me.

I didn't know.

What it was.

That made you hurt so bad.

But I can tell.

You push them away.

You try.

To fly.

Big and strong.

Above your pain.

You think your over it.

But it's over you.

It's all about to crash down.

Crash down on your fairytale.

Face it you need me.

To push you.

Through it all.

To keep you.

From getting numb all over.

I guess at least you tried.

To find

. A heart that.

Knew yours.

But just one rejection.

Doesn't mean you'rerejected.

Doesn't mean your not wanted.

Why can't you see.



You think I'm so rich.

With something you've never had.

With acceptions.


I've been rejected.

I've been punched.

I've been hurt

I still feel it.

To this day.

That sting.




Will never go away.

But if you just open up.

And put some of that. weight on me.

Lean on me.

I just might.

Help you.

Limp on.

I have definatly thrown out some rejections

Made some people cry.

But I've matured.

From all my immaturities.

One day you'll see.

Your just like me.

The only difference.

Is you're so strong For taking on

So much weight.

I've come to help.

And when that's done.

I might take a leave.

Please tell me.

That you don't need me.

You've never needed me.

It's me that's needed you.

You played along.

Because you don't need me with all your heart.

You just want me with all your heart.

Because your pain.

Has become my pain.

When you smile.

I can't stop smiling.

Because you're disappointments.

Disappoint me.

Because all your downs.

Make me feel down.


Face it you want me.

Because I'm a part of you.

Might not be your right arm.

But maybe you're left.

Because all your scars.

Don't matter to me.

All your mistakes.

Are fine with me.

Because every bit of you.

Is every bit of me


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