Hollacaust Kitty

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The pain of hate and what I feel are one of the darkest days of mankind.

Submitted: May 26, 2012

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Submitted: May 26, 2012



Dearest Diary,

Everybody was yelling, the screeches filling the air as more filled the lungs of those soon to die.

One in particular erupted, an aftermath of the pain that echoed like radiation through her body.

The whip drew back, laughing as it came down again. And again did a particular scream erupt from crushed teeth.

A cold voice, more chilled than the wisp of death that came down upon her back, sounded.

He was teasing,



Fear erupted from my heart, like poison, hurtinguntil it claimed me. I fell to my knees.

Tears climbed down my cheek after jerking from my emerald eyes.

Watching as my own seven-year-old body jerked down with every lash of the whip.

As my own body shuddered with pain. As my own body tore to pieces

. As my own body crumbled and broke, as vulnerable as I've ever been.

As I saw the visual torture I was surprised as everything disappeared.

Next, there I was, climbing out of the hole in the wall that was considered a window.

It was a month later, just enough time for my wounds to heal.

No one knew, or even thought that I would do something as risky as run away from the madman known as Adolfo Hitler.

He would whip all of his relatives.

I was-regrettably- his niece.

But people would think that they would do anything for family.

For me though, family was those you love and those who loved you back.

Adolfo didn't love me, nor I him.

I hated my uncle.

I loathed my Uncle.

I vowed that one day I would scar him thrice as much as he did unto me.

I felt all of that, in this one single nightmare.

I wouldn't even call it a nightmare, it was more of a scaring normality.

I was barely awake when I heard the bombsthat bombarded.

I have to go, before the whisp of death steals my own breath.

Love, Kitty


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