You Were My Wings

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I have had my heart broken before, but never like this. This is for those of you who feel like you've lost a part of you: you're wings. Sure I might not understand, but I do listen. So please, if you feel like spilling, I won't contradict you. I feel like every girl in the world has felt this and I just want to connect with you guys. Remember, when you can't fly: Dance and jump and twirl and laugh and scream and cry and feel like crap and feel like your the best you can be. Because just feeling is better than sitting there and becoming a wall. Someone will alway need you, so stay strong for them. You will always need someone, so always stay naive and lean on them to give then the incentive to stay strong themselves.

Submitted: May 26, 2012

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Submitted: May 26, 2012



A waste of time

Is trying to fly

When you

Are gone

You see

You're my wings

I thought we were in tune

But I thought to soon

I thought we were more

Than just a fling

You're my wings

A waste of time

Is trying not to feel

The pain in my heart

From having my wings ripped out

I thought we might be

Just you and me

But now I'm broken down

From my hearts failed flapping

Because you're gone

You're my wings

I've got an empty heart and mind

Now I've got no heart to find

It's lost somewhere in the clouds

But I can't find it

Without my wings

You're my wings

I thought it was stars

I see

But it's ironic cause we'll never be

I guess I

Was just never meant to fly

When you were here

You would always lift me up

You're my wings

You were my wings

Now my heart fell to the ground

Because the thrill of flying

Has fizzled out

Without my wings

You were my wings

I'm crying here alone

I'm so cold

But I've got no wings

To warm my heart

You were my wings

I am so broken

But my wings aren't there

To pick me back up

And make me feel

You were my wings

But I must feel

Because I feel like crap

Can you hear it?

Oh that's my heart

Its trying to beat

Without its wings

Since you only were

and never

Will be


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