A Dark Moon

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A boy runs from his burning village encountering a stray dog. The intent of this passage is to explore sympathy for a killer or a victim. Hopefully I have achieved this by the end but that is for the reader to decide.

Submitted: July 04, 2013

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Submitted: July 04, 2013




The cacophony of screams and gunfire pierced the moonlit sky like sharp daggers. The boy was standing at the top of a hill at the east side of the village. The fire was burning the dry thatch roofs of the huts across the village making its way from house to house leaving in its wake a trail of burned wood, sizzling ash and the overwhelming smell of what the boy could only presume was burned flesh.


The men destroying the village were dressed in black and seemed to be a part of the darkness, appearing for only a couple seconds as long trails of merciless flames leapt out from their machines. They moved with ruthless efficiency, making their way across the village creating a pit of destruction. Fear struck the boy in the heart and he turned to run. He had nothing to stay for.


The boy made his way down the hill towards the fence. He was relatively small and as he ran it seemed as though he was skimming across the ground.


The boy quickly scrambled over the wooden fence and started running across the field that surrounded the village. He could feel the ankle high grass brushing his shins as he ran past and the occasional longer strand of grass that slashed against him, stinging his legs.


The boy noticed a dog running through the grass, moving as silently as the night had once been. The boy ran on and on, his legs hurting with each step. He eventually came to a stop and lay behind a rock to catch his breath. The boy noticed the dog he had seen earlier moving towards him. He watched the dog wagging its tail, stirring up the air of the windless night. The dog was slim, about knee height to the boy and it had long dirty black curls of fur. The dog moved towards the boy and licked his cheek, its warm tongue rough against the boy’s smooth skin. The boy couldn’t help but smile for a second.


The boy looked out across the field. The dewdrops reflected the moonlight and they shone out in the field like a green galaxy. It was quite a sight to behold.


The boy noticed the dog had disappeared into the night. The boy stood up from the rock covering him and turned around to face what remained of his village. Instead a man dressed in black was facing him 5 meters away. The man was bald and had a strange hook shaped scar above his left eyebrow. The man stared at the boy with dark menacing eyes that sent shivers up the boy’s spine. The man slowly raised a gun to the boy. The boy stared into the dark barrel of the gun which he though was not too dissimilar too the mans eyes. In the moonlight the boy could see the man’s mouth widen slightly producing a grin.


The rat was unaware of its imminent danger. Before the rat could even react, the dog pounced out like a moving shadow, its dark fur camouflaged to the night. The dog sunk its teeth into the rat and it could taste the wonderful blood on its tongue and dribbling down its hungry lips. The dog enjoyed the sound of the cracking in its mouth as it crushed the rat’s bones. The dog paused for a second as it heard the sound of a loud bang nearby. It then continued with its meal. 

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