Fairies In The Garden

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A girl makes an evil wish to get rid of her parents.

Submitted: July 14, 2018

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Submitted: July 14, 2018



Fairies In The Garden

Being thirteen sucked. Being a kid, with your parents telling you what to do all of the time, sucked. Peering in the bathroom mirror, she touched her face, then running a hand through her long dark hair, realised she hated living here, with them. At school there was a boy she liked. He didn't feel the same way, ignoring her most of the time, this sucked. In general everything sucked.

"Heidi, breakfast is ready," shouted her stepmum from downstairs.

She stuck her middle finger up, "Coming," she answered. Running down the stairs her offensive hand gesture hadn't altered. At the doorway her mum was busy cooking some eggs, to go with the crispy bacon. Heidi stood there smirking, waving her finger at her mother, who was too occupied to notice. All of a sudden a huge hand covered the top of her head, making her jump. Looking behind her, realised father was standing there with an angry expression.

"Don't do that to your mother, she's cooking you a nice meal. A little respect please, Heidi."

Janet scooped the eggs out, placing them carefully on the three plates beside the bacon, which were lined up on the worktop. Then she looked at her husband, before saying, "Is our daughter doing that thing again, Trevor?"

"Yes, dear," was all he replied, giving her an evil stare.

She hated living here with these boring freaks. "I hate you, I hate you," she cried out, running back up the stairs. Slamming the bedroom door, she stuck her earphones in and sat on the bed, playing her music at top volume.

Janet peered at Trevor, then said disappointed, "Did she take her tablets this morning?"

He didn't know what to say, realising this was going to end in a massive argument, he stormed out of the house without answering her, heading to work. "Bitch. Why is it always my fault," he muttered, getting in his motor, then driving down the road too quickly.

Janet banged on the door. "Come out, Heidi. Stop misbehaving."

Something hit the door from the other side. Then her daughter's voice yelled, " leave me alone."

By this point she'd lost all patience with her. "I'm going downstairs to ring the school, telling them to come and fetch you, as you know what happened last time, don't you."

The door opened straightaway. Heidi stood there looking sorry for herself. "Please don't ring the school. Last time was so embarrassing, being walked into school by the headmaster, everyone laughing."

Opening her hand, Janet said calmly, "Then take your pills."

Heidi stared at them in her mum's palm. "Okay."

In the kitchen Janet handed her a glass of water. Heidi pretended to swallow them one at a time. Breakfast was served.

Heidi saw the empty seat where dad usually sat. "Where's dad?" Deep down she knew it was her fault.

"He had to go into work early," was all Janet replied, giving Heidi an uneasy look.

Once breakfast was finished, Heidi collected her school bag from her bedroom.

Janet started the engine. Heidi climbed in the passenger seat, smiling at her.

"I hope there's not much traffic, we're already running a tad late."

The Renault drove to the end of the close, turning left.

Looking out of the window Heidi saw a vehicle which seemed familiar, dark smoke bellowed from the bonnet. It had crashed into a van. A few people had gathered with shocked looks, pointing to the accident. Janet noticed this with horror, stopping the car. Rushing out she feared the worst.

Heidi stared at her mum while she frantically tried opening the driver's door, while screaming through the window. A smile came across the young girl's face. The three tablets were hidden in her jacket pocket, unwinding the window, threw them to the ground.

All of a sudden flames erupted from the crashed car. Janet screamed. She couldn't leave her husband, he was trapped inside.

"Die. Die. Die," screamed Heidi through the glass.

A young man ran to Janet pulling her away from the danger. Realising Trevor wouldn't survive without her help, she tried running back, the man grabbed her, determined to keep her there.

It was already too late.


Heidi stayed in the car. Her mum chatted to a police officer, tears streaming down her face. A knock was heard on the passenger side window, Heidi turned her head to see a woman in her fifties looking at her through the glass. "Hi, my name is Gloria. So you're Heidi. Lovely to meet you."

Her voice was faint.

She unwound the window, then said, "Mum's over there if you want to speak to her."

The lady seemed uncomfortable, before saying in a friendly manner, "No sweetheart. I want to talk to you about what happened. I deal with a lot of situations like this. I know how hard it is, when I was younger I lost someone very close. Do you understand, sweetheart?"

Heidi hated her already. "I'm okay. Dad's dead, I understand."

A strange look came over the woman's face, before answering softly, "I do understand, but the truth is, it's not that easy to deal with. You need someone to talk to about all your mixed up emotions. I can tell you're hurting very much, and scared to show how you really feel."

God this woman was annoying, and said aggressively, "Just fuck off, you dumb bitch."

She looked horrified, backing away from the car. Shortly after this Heidi saw the woman and her mum talking, noticing the lady giving her an odd look every so often.

Janet slammed the door shut while wiping her brow. "Why were you so rude to that nice woman? She was only doing her job. I know it's hard for you. I'm still in shock myself. What a day."

The car and van had been towed away. The road was open again, Trevor's remains had been taken to the morgue. The driver of the other vehicle was now in hospital, for injuries which weren't life threatening. From what the witnesses had said her husband had been driving too fast.


She kept busy cleaning the kitchen, then the living room, to take her mind off what had happened. Janet was still in shock, stunned by it all.

Heidi watched TV in her bedroom. A comedy film was on, it was very funny. Occasionally she'd think back to her dad, also having a day off school was an added bonus. The door swung open crashing against the wardrobe. Mother stood there looking far from happy.

Heidi peered at her in disgust. "What?"

Janet entered absolutely furious. "I heard you laughing. What the hell is so funny, aren't you grieving for your father at all? This family is falling apart, and you can't even be trusted in taking your pills. What the hell is wrong with you?"

She got up from her bed, shouting, "What makes you so fucking perfect. You make me sick."

Janet slapped her hard around the face. The moment she did this regret was felt. "I'm so sorry, Heidi. I am so sorry."

Heidi picked up the flat screen TV and threw it to the floor, the glass smashing. "I'm happy dad's dead and I'll be happy when you're fucking dead."

She wrapped her hands around her daughter's throat, while yelling, "You horrible spoilt child. How dare you."

Heidi couldn't breathe. The fingers loosened. Janet looked mortified. A hand over her mouth she ran out of the entrance heading for her bedroom, slamming the door shut, then locking it.

She sat up, coughing a little, clearing her throat. The pain was excruciating. She took a couple of steps to the window which faced the back garden.

Her friends down there had promised her, they had lied. Many small lights were observed, knowing it was them. They'd promised her, they'd told her she had a wish, any wish. She chose her awful parents to be gone. So how come the stepmother was still around? Her real mum had committed suicide when she was three years old, barely remembering her, which made her angry as hell.

The little lights vanished. They knew she was angry with them. The little fairies at the bottom of the garden were hiding from her.

The curtains now drawn. Heidi made her way to the bed. Within minutes sleep had consumed her.

............................................................................. The door bell rang waking Heidi up, checking the clock on the cabinet, it read 10.17am. How come mum hadn't woken her up, it was a Thursday, a school day?

Begrudgingly making her way down the stairs, opened the door. With shock mum's sister stood there. "Hello, auntie. How can I help you?"

Glenda hadn't visited her sister for at least a couple of years. Looking at Heidi she felt uneasy, she'd always found her niece a little strange, but answering in a friendly manner, said, "I'm so sorry to hear about poor Trevor. You must be traumatised, poor love. Are you okay, by the way where is your mother, as I need to see her? It's important you see, dear Heidi."

"Upstairs, I suppose. I haven't seen her since last night," the girl replied, hating her already.

Glenda peered up the stairs, feeling something wasn't quite right. "Is it okay if I come in? I'll surprise her, poor love must be feeling it I reckon. Such sad circumstances."

Heidi looked at her while she made her way up. She disappeared from view on the landing. Hearing Glenda's faint voice calling out her mum's name, then a squeak as the door opened to her bedroom, followed by a blood curdling scream. The young girl ran up the stairs, once at the entrance she peered in. Her aunty stood over the body. There was blood on the bed sheets, a kitchen knife stuck out of mum's chest. It was a ghastly sight. Noticing the girl stood in the doorway, Glenda took a step back, horror on her face. "What have you done?" she yelled.

Heidi smiled, replying, "It wasn't me. My friends in the back garden made this happen, because I ordered them to do it."

Running to the entrance she pushed the girl to the floor, then made her way quickly down the stairs and out of the house to ring the police.


Sitting with her stepmother, she sang a tune which she'd learnt from school.

From outside sirens were heard, then many feet making their way up the stairs. Heidi turned her head towards the entrance, seeing three policemen standing there with horrified expressions. "It wasn't me. The fairies did it," she said innocently enough. All of a sudden she laughed, while pointing at the knife.

One of the officers ordered the other two to take her to the station for further questioning. ...........................................................................

A psychiatrist questioned the girl, shocked by what she'd done. With the tablets she took this was all starting to make sense, not taking her medication regularly could have catastrophic results, for her and others. Showing no remorse was a typical sign of a troubled mind. Looking into her past there wasn't much to go on, apart from losing her mum at such a young age. From what he could make out they seemed like a regular family. If the truth be told he found Heidi's stories about the fairies living in the garden, rather fascinating. Even though it was just a myth, there'd been accounts all through history of these strange little creatures, usually seen by children of a certain age.

This evening he'll visit the house, and try and get to the bottom of what really occurred there.

He left the room, dabbing his forehead with a tissue, peering at her through the thin glass, noticed how black her eyes were. How calm she seemed. This was very worrying indeed, he truly believed they were dealing with a psychopath.

............................................................................. The door was open when he arrived, police tape surrounded the front and back garden. He made his way in to be greeted by two officers.

Proceeding up the stairs went straight to the little girl's bedroom, opening the top drawer went through her items carefully. Some discarded toys, a notepad. Food crumbs sprinkled in a yellow pot, this he found strange.

Maybe this is how she fed her imaginative friends?

Looking in the notepad he found little disturbing poems written by her, all about her parents and how she wished them dead. He put it back in the drawer. She certainly had a troubled mind. He found it bizarre that both her parents had died within a day of each other.

Maybe it was just pure bad luck?

Checking around the room he couldn't find much apart from a selection of CDs, and the odd DVD. Fascination got the better of him, walking down the stairs and turning left found himself in the kitchen. Through the door he saw the back garden draped in darkness. With a little torch which he'd brought with him, walked through the now open back door into the garden. There was nothing out of the ordinary about it, using the light a shed was observed at the bottom on the right. Taking a few steps carefully, ventured further down. Once reaching the bottom, the shed now beside him, he shone the light in front. The first thing he saw was a small dolls house with many floors and windows, around it a little garden with a miniature slide a couple of inches from the tiny entrance. Turning the torch off he now stood in darkness. He wasn't sure what he was waiting for really, then decided to say something, "Are you there, little creatures? If you are, show yourselves."

Laughing to himself he realised he was being silly. Suddenly a light appeared in the top window of the house, within moments it'd disappeared. Completely baffled he dropped the torch while falling to the hard ground. Sniggering came from the hedge just behind the dolls house.

Panicking he got up running back to the door, in the kitchen he felt terrified, realising the girl had been telling the truth the whole time. Closing the door, then peering through the dirty glass, he swore he saw many little lights at the bottom of the garden, within a second they had vanished, never to be seen again.

The End

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