1. The Beast

And yea, I beheld Satan fall from the sky

Like lightening and I spake his name, Lucifer.

And I was the clownfish and he the anemone.

He split my rib and drew it from me, I bled

Onto the floor, coagulation.


I stood upon the sand of the sea and I

Beheld it, the end of the days and

The mouth of hell itself opened up out

Of the ocean.


2. Shattering

The whoremother fell and she was naked,

Not dead and the child crawled forth

From her unholy vestiges spread and splayed

Like a Babylon whore. The diamond sea


Shattered upward into the mirroring sky

And a throng of voices singing Hosanna

Came from the dilating pupil in the


Thinness of glass twixt Earth and the other.

And the hand of God himself came down,

His righteous left hand baring the

Bloody sword and the unrighteous were

Smote with a single sweep. The sea


Like a bed of crystals shattered and

Split and from its bed came a chariot of

Fire drawn by that three-headed hellhound

Itself. Cerberus. Cerberus!


The glassy sea railed against the beast and

Cast it upon the land. It lay on its side,

Dazed from the assault, the chariot of

Fire overturned behind it.


The fiery shell raised its head and out came

That hellion. His name unmentionable.

The whore was suddenly roused, she

Took the child to her breast and vanished

Into the thicket. I followed my


Feet gliding hotly over the scorched earth.

Into the wood, over the brook babbling ignorantly

Into the cool darkness of sunless trees.


3. Ebbing

The light ebbed at angles unnatural to the

Prismless world. Coming through the leafy

Limbs in a deep uniformed green. It was still

And timeless. The walls stared back with

Blank faces, not one decorated with a



The silence was unnerving, it chilled me

Like a barbed and cloven hand slammed

Deep into my ear, ringing out in fear.

I looked to the sky and it seemed like

Fire. The cobbler’s pegs recoiled inward

And the violets stood against the hot

Wind, brave and colorless.


The whore lay nervous in the corner,

And I suckled the child because

It needed its mother. The

Shredding of wings and the deep clink

Of blades flashing fire from their

Eyeless face.

4. Coda

The sudden clicking of earth magnets filled the

Air with tight-rope electricity. Somewhere,

Far off a church bell was striking midnight.

A terrible sob of rage and sorrow shot up

From the beachfront battlefield. The angels

Poured from the sky like chalk dust and covered

The blackness.

Heaven has won, or so I was told.

Submitted: February 28, 2014

© Copyright 2023 Stevi Anthony . All rights reserved.

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