In more strife than the early settlers

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A piece of work from school

Submitted: May 30, 2017

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Submitted: May 29, 2017



In more strife than the early settlers (With 26 bens)

“Get the money!” Ben A yelled as he reloaded his gun. Ben B slammed the gun against the lock, meanwhile I was wiping the security footage.

“No evidence, no worries” I mumbled under my breath, as I put new gloves on for safety. Ben C was shoving handfuls of cash into the duffel bags. I went over to help him, grabbing as much as possible at a time. Although we had been careful disabling the alarms apparently we hadn’t been careful enough, as the alarm went off me and Ben D grabbed the bags and turned to run out the back entrance. I quickly hurried over the vent opening as the vault door swung closed. THUD! Ben E was gone, crushed halfway between the door and the wall. Blood splattered all over our faces. Ben F ran over to the bin and threw up before returning to the vent.

“hurry up, unless you want to join Ben G.”


As we were crawling through the vents, gathering tons of dust all over our clothes I heard a creaking noise. “Wait! Don’t move!” I Whispered to Ben H. BAM! I heard something hard hit the vent, BAM! There it was again, along with many muffled voices, shouting orders or something. WHACK! I felt the vent bending under our weight and the damage being done to it.

“What was that!?” Ben I shouts alarmingly.

“Keep your voice down!” I Angrily whisper back to him. BAM! CRACK! SNAP! BOOM! BLAM! SPADAM! BLAM! WHAM! WHACK! The vents collapsed under our combined weight, showering us in dust and dropping all 18 of us in the middle of way over 50 armed officers.
“DROP THE GUNS!” Ordered an officer holding a heavy gun with a laser attached. Instead of being the reasonable one, like I usually am, I shove Ben J in front of me, running and ducking behind the rest of the gang, I shoot as many of them in the chest as possible. I see them thud as fall to the ground out the corner of my eye. Using this as an opportunity to escape we sprint to the nearest window, jumping through and just skimming the window seal. BAM! I look behind me as I’m half-way through to see Ben K get shot in the leg and stumble into the wall, slamming into Ben L and sealing both of their fates.


10 Minutes later we’ve all crammed ourselves into 2 small casual cars, getting ready to shoot anyone that even looks at us the wrong way. As I look in the rear view mirror I hear an awfully familiar siren shrieking away in the quietness of the night, an FBI Vehicle pulls up next to us and the door opens.

“LOOK OUT!” Screams Ben M as the car suddenly veers left. SPLAT! I hear something stick to the back doors of the van, as Ben N sticks his head out of the window he screams in terror,


BAM! The back of the van gets obliterated, throwing glass and metal shards everywhere, killing Ben X and under.

“ABANDON SHIP!” Screams Ben Y, jumping out of the drivers seat, I follow him, jumping out of the hole at the end of the van. SMASH! Ben Z Gets pulverized as the daily train passes through the railroad. THUD! As I hit the ground my vision goes blurry, I can hear my racing heart beating in my chest, my legs throbbing with pain, I stretch my neck to the right, hearing a disasuring crack, only to see a figure walking towards me, holding something black. BAM!

The end.


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