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It started at the age of six. I dragged my parents to the movie theater to see...

Submitted: May 26, 2010

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Submitted: May 26, 2010



It started at the age of six. I dragged my parents to the movie theater to see the much anticipated new release, E.T. I remember from an early age being just completely amazed by martians and UFO's, but seeing that movie sparked an obsession to learn everything I possibly could about extra-terrestrial life forms, carrying on well into adulthood. For the last thirty-four years, I've been surrounded by negativity from non-believers, much like a Christian would be shunned by a group of Atheists. I've been told to 'grow up' my entire life, called crazy, weird, half-baked... you name it. And there were times where I'd been so completely discouraged by it all, that I wished I could just turn off the switch in my brain that controlled that fascination, times where I began to wonder if I wasn't crazy like everyone said I was. And then I remembered that I wasn't (well, not entirely anyways!)... and that they were the ones who were foolish- to believe that in the entirety of this universe, we, piteous Earthlings are the only inhabitants.

So now, as I write this introduction for my third book, Homecoming, revered world-wide as a “leading expert” in extra-terrestrial research, I'm reminded of why I persevered... why I continue my search for an understanding outside the realm of information that is considered to be truth- regardless of the amount of evidence that ultimately discounts that so-called truth. Because a recent discovery has been made, which will prove without doubt that in this colossal galaxy, there is an existence other than our own.

As he stopped reading, and looked back up from his manuscript to the crowd before him, the entire assembly rose to their feet, applause and cheers echoing throughout the auditorium. He tried to control the growing smile on his face, and leaned forward to the microphone, in his best Elvis impersonation, “Thank you, thank you very much...” he chuckled, “Class is dismissed.” He watched intently for a moment as his students gathered their things, and began exiting the room, then looked back down at the draft he had written. He waited patiently as the last of his pupils stepped outside, and as the room fell silent again, he finished skimming through the last few lines of his introduction. All of a sudden, he heard someone cough from the back of the auditorium. He quickly peeked up from his small podium, and noticed three men seated together in the very last row, all dressed in black business suits. Leaning again to the microphone, he cleared his throat and spoke in a very soft tone, “Is there something I can help you gentlemen with?” The three men slowly rose, and split up, making their way to separate sides of the room, and then down the steps towards the front stage. His eyes nervously glanced from the two men approaching from his left, to the other, heading to the right side of the stage, then back again. Shuffling the papers on his podium together, he then quickly reached down to shove them into his attache case. Two of the men, now about fifteen feet from the front of the stage, stopped and the third took another couple of steps, then finally spoke, “Mr. Gibson, we'll need you to come with us.” He glanced at the men one last time as sweat began trickling down his forehead, anxiously scooped up his case, then turned to the back of the stage and darted towards a door in the corner. He could hear them jump up onto the stage, following behind him, as he ran to the exit. He glanced back one last time, just as he was reaching for the doorknob, but the door swung open at the last second, and he collided with another large man in a black suit, stopping him dead in his tracks. The three others surrounded him, as the man in the doorway stepped forward, and the professor caught a glimpse of the taser in his right hand. “Shoulda kept your damn mouth shut!” the man said, before jamming the taser into his chest.


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