A Band That Changed My Life

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This is the smallish, written documentary I wrote on my inspirations, the band My Chemical Romance who just recently broke up

Submitted: March 26, 2014

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Submitted: March 26, 2014



In 1977 in New Jersey, a soon to be superstar was born. Given the name Gerard Arthur Way at birth, he only lived three years with just himself and his parents before his younger brother, Mikey Way, was born. When Gerard was a bit older, he started to get interested with comic books and music. This lead him into taking his first job at a comic book store in Jersey and he began writing comic books. His voice was like angels singing and he was cute as a button, so in 2001 when him, his brother, and three more friends decided it was a great idea to put a band together, they did! Named “My Chemical Romance” and made up of the five men, they went on to write their first song “Skylines and Turnstiles” which people loved and downloaded and listened to. 

Since they are considered part of the “punk-rock” genre, Gerard, (Gee), was known for taking an edgy appearance right before a new album was released. He was known for dying his hair multiple colors (not at one time) but he had a variety of different colors and styles through the many years of the band. His hair colors have included blond, white, black, and a very radiant red. 

The band created many songs and preformed many concerts with tons of screaming fans. They also came up with a bunch of albums through their years together. One album they had that changed lives was titled “Welcome to the Black Parade”. The song they named the album after was the story of a man called “patient” in the video, with black around his eyes and lying in a hospital bed. It tells of how he died and that he died with the memory of one of the best times of his life in his mind. The song starts out, “When I was, a young boy, my father, took me into the city... to see a marching band..” It tells that the patient isn’t sad because he is slowly passing away, it tells that he is happy because he is remembering a good memory in his life. When the beat of the song picks up, the music video shows a bunch of what are meant to be death people walking in a parade with the band on a float. 

After the album “Welcome to the Black Parade” came out, band member Bob Bryar left the band. The rest of the band still went on to create wonderful music that everyone loved. The band’s music has a different meaning in each song. Some are that someone loves you and you shouldn’t give up and band member and lead singer Gerard Way is a perfect example of that.

When Gerard felt sad or upset he was one of those people who would self-harm. He also had a drinking problem and has been suicidal. With some help he totally recovered and made a great roll-model. He showed that if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish anything. Gee broke people’s hearts when videos of him drunk came out because we all knew that Gerard was going to try and pull something and attempt to kill himself. He had way more to live for than that. He has a wife and a little girl. He realized what his life was and got back on track which was good. 

Sadly, the band broke up after their last “Conventional Weapons” album in March 2013. It has just been released that they are coming out with a new album that Gerard put together which will be out at the beginning of next year (2014) called “My Chemical Romance May Death Never Stop You 2001-2013”. The artwork was released by lead singer Gerard Way on Twitter in November. 

Gerard Way just came out with a new song and preformed it in the Sydney Opera House not too long ago. It’s called “Millions” and hopefully will make an appearance on the new CD when it is released. There is also another song going around Youtube by him (Demo) called Zero Zero which probably won’t be on the upcoming CD. 

As you can see, Gerard Way is a very inspirational man and I will always look up to him and I hope to meet him, shake his hand, give him a hug, and thank him for making beautiful music that has saved many lives and he will live on. I’ve never met him before, but I do hope to, and I think I would give anything to meet him in person. 

I was so upset when I found out that the band broke up. I literally cried for hours. I hope everything is going good for him and that he has a nice day everyday. Gerard Way occasionally posts on Twitter pictures of him or tweets of what he has been working on. Recently, Gee (Gerard) has been publishing some newer songs but they are only by him. All of the music is also by him, except the drums. 

Many things I know about Gerard come from his twitter page. After reading some posts from his Twitter page, I now know that he is allergic to cats, he can cook, he still records music on his own, and he is very in touch with his fans. 

When the band was still together, A rumor was released that lead singer Gerard and lead bass Frank Iero were in a relationship. It was a rumor of course, but pictures of them sharing a kiss or two where published to the internet and someone came up with the term “Frerard”, a combination of the two names. Frerard pictures were multiplying and more and more fans continued to believe the relationship was real but of course, the two are both happily married with children. 

Gerard and the other members of the band probably talk now and then, but on Twitter I very rarely see a reaction between them. It’s really a shame that the four of them couldn’t stay a band but I guess it was for the best. If I am really a true fan, I will respect their decision. Gerard, Frank, Ray, Bob, and Mikey were all good friends in New Jersey before the band. You can tell by the last names that Gerard and Mikey are related. In fact, they are brothers! They don’t look a lot alike, but you can kind of tell by their faces. There are a few pictures of Gerard and Mikey together and it is easier to spot the resemblance in those.

My Chemical Romance’s home-hitting lyrics have been said to “save lives”. Troubled teens can relate to a lot of the things they sing about while loving theirs nice beats. Songs about depression, suicide, and cheating are mixed into their albums. Each song tells how someone could get over it and how you should not get into those kind of things. Some of the experiences in the music is the real point of view of one of the members of the band or something they have personally been through and know a lot about. 

There are many fans associated with the fan group entitled “Killjoys” or “Killjoy”. 

and the band loves each one equally. I hope that one day the band gets back together and does a tour in every state in the USA. I would defiantly go just to experience the band and their beautiful music and voice. Their lyrics are absolutely brilliant and they will certainly live on forever. Their good looks and talents amaze millions each day. The guitar, drums, bass, and vocals are chilling and perfect. The band has gradually sold over 4,438,500 albums. That is a lot of albums sold for a band that had only been around for 12 years. The band is still selling albums as more and more people become aware who they were, how many lives they changed, and just how much beautiful, life-changing music they wrote. If I could have one wish it would be to meet the bend in person and personally thank them for making music that always picks me up when I am down and not feeling happy. I would shake Gerard’s hand and thank him for saving millions of lives. He would probably be surprised to know that cartoon drawings of himself cover my walls and ceiling, or at least I hope he’d be surprised to know that considering it is my bedroom and that would be weird. I am so thankful for My Chemical Romance’s music and how much they have changed the world.

The band announced their break up over a post on a website stating, “It has come time of it to end”. There has been an idea that the band could get back together minus Frank Iero but just that change would never be the same for all Killjoys know or should know of the love shared between Iero and Gerard. I clearly care about this topic and I respect that the band decided to break up, but I just have some questions that I wish could be answered. I’m sure a lot of fans of the band have some questions regarding the breakup and music and such. If I could ever meet them I don’t think I would ask them why they broke up. They loved what they did, for them it just felt time for it to end. They made millions and made everybody happy and they just needed something different, they needed a change. A lot of people would never just throw away an opportunity like that but most of the members of the band were married with children and a family that needed them more. When the band broke-up the members with a family could go home for once and spend time with their kids and wives. That would be a big change and I think the children would enjoy it more if they had a dad that was there for them when they needed him. Gerard Way’s wife is in a band as well, Mindless Self Indulgence.When Gerard and “Lyn-Z” were on tour who do you think took care of their little girl? A babysitter? Relatives? Probably. It was probably very rare that they all got to spend time together as a family. Now that the guys have gone separate ways they can watch their children grow up and that’s not something you want to miss is it? 

The band is gone, doing their own things, but us fans will never forget them. As Gerard said when he announced the break-up, “My Chemical Romance is done. But it can never die. It is alive in me, in the guys, and it is alive inside all of you. I always knew that, and I think you did too. Because it is not a band- it is an idea.” Many albums and songs are purchased everyday and the guys could care less how much money they make, they just care about making people happy and making their mark in history as a great band that gave a great show and have tons of fans. The band did break millions of heart when they split, no doubt, but their legend will live on and that is a promise from me. When the band broke up (March 22, 2013) The amount of fans they had suddenly doubled! Doubled the songs downloaded, doubled the Twitter followers, doubled the number of sales including merch, cd’s, posters, etc. I personally think the numbers increased because of all of the news on them after the break up. When people saw the news they must have looked them up and realized how good they were. Then realized that the band they just looked up sang songs that they were familiar with then listening more. The first song by them that I ever heard was “Teenagers”. A song Gerard wrote after he rode a subway with quite a few teenagers who freaked him out.

A song that was played on the radio a lot when they first rode it was titled, “Sing.” I personally didn’t like the song until a few months ago when I realized that it really isn’t that bad of a song. When it first came out they played it so much that it became annoying but it really isn’t anymore.

Gerard and the band has gotten together with quite a few other bands and people to write and record songs and I believe that everyone of them is perfect. Some people/ bands that My Chemical Romance (Or at least Gerard) has gotten together with and recored a song with include Deadmau5, The Used, Kill Hannah, and so many more. 

April 9th is Gerard’s birthday. This year he will be turning 37 years old! He may look younger than that but he’s not. He was born April 9th, 1977 in New Jersey. His brother Mikey is 4 years younger, Frank is 5 years younger, and Ray is the same age as Gerard and actually turns 37 two months after Gerard does.

May 27, 2009, Gerard and his wife LynZ Way brought a beautiful daughter into the world. Her name is Bandit Lee Way and she was born at 2:57 pm in Los Angeles and weighing 6 pounds 5 ounces. One reason why My Chemical Romance broke up was that Frank and Gerard both had kids now and they never really got to spend time with them anymore. I’m glad I got to educate you all on my inspirations. <3



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