A kiss in the dark

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Orchid meets a mysterious figure who she gets drawn to.....

The loud disco music pumped as the lights threw coloured patterns on people's bodies,everyone was dancing pressed up against each other with a strong smell of sweat and perfume in the air.People were trying to talk over the loud wordless music barely able to make out their faces in the dim flickering lights, the room was unbearably hot having nearly no space at all for yourself. I sat there in the corner clutching tightly my glass of water pretending to listen to some guy who was talking to me. ''Want to dance?'' he finally shouted through the noise, I shook my head without even looking at him, he shrugged and finally disappeared into the crowd. I drummed my fingers against the glass in agitation, where is she? i thought angrily trust Jeana to go off with some guy she had jus met, she probably upstairs. I decided to go to the bathroom hoping that the air-conditioning was working in there, as I made for the bathroom pushing through the tight packed pulsing crowd something caught my eye. I realised it was Jeana and some guy in the corner giggling with their arms wrapped around each other. Relieved I went over and confronted her, ''There you are! You had disappeared for nearly an hour, something could have happened!' Jeana obviously drunk with most of her make-up smeared across her face and her red hair undone kept on gigggling ''Oh Orchid,Orchid'' she said slightly swaying ''live a little!'' with that she fell backwards, luckily the guy caught her, ''whoops!'' she cried and started to laugh.I rolled my eyes and went into the bathroom.Annoyed I splashed cold water on my face and stared into the mirror, in the bright flourescent light my cheeks were flushed with the heat and my green eyes were glittering. I rummaged around in my bag and found my hairbrush, I brushed my light brown hair in long swift strokes. The door opened and a girl came in, she opened her lipstick and reaplied it on her already pink lips.''I love your top'' she smiled in the mirror.''Thanks''I replied ''I brought in vintage shop''. I smoothed it down, it was a dark red corset with black roses printed over it, it went well with my above the knee black skirt. ''Well its cute'' she said as she left. Another girl shot in straight after her and went directly for the cubicles with her hand clamped over her mouth.


I made up my mind to call a Taxi and go home. I got out my cell phone as I left the bathroom and pushed against the crowd to get to the exit. Suddenly my phone flew out of my hands as I bumped into someone. ''Sorry'' a smooth voice apologized as he picked up my phone. ''Its all right ,it was my fault anyways'' I said as i looked up, in front of me stood a very tall man, pale faced with distinct sharp features.His coal black eyes seemed deep and intense with dark circles signifying that he hadn't got a good nights sleep. He had a cloud of dark curly hair that fanned around his shoulders, he looked out of place with his long black overcoat carrying a closed black umbrella. I smiled as I pushed past him and made my way outside. To my disappointment it was raining, heavily. I exhaled angrily as I crossed my arms walking against the rain silently cursing Jeana.I hadn't walked for long when I heard someone ask behind me ''would you care to share my umbrella?'' I turned and faced the same man again. ''No, no I'm fine'' I shaked my head, ''I must insist'' he opened it up and held it over my head. ''I'm on my way home, where are you heading?'' he inquired ''well, to the Taxi station but there is no point really I will have to wait for a long time so I will just walk home.'' ''And where would that be?'' he asked again, ''Woodlane'' I replied. ''Ah'' he said ''I'm headed that way aswell, I will walk with you.'' Somehow I didn't feel strange at all around him like you would tend to is some stranger offered to walk you home in middle of the night. ''Thank you'' i smiled at him, '' my pleasure'' he replied as we set off walking looking much like a couple sharing an umbrella. ''Now, what is your name?'' he asked, ''Orchid Yealsworth'', ''Orchid'' he repeated to himself, ''Thats a sweet flower'' , ''I was named after my great-grandmother who grew them.'' I explained, ''I see'' he smiled to himself. ''I'm Vincent De Paul'', his name rang in my ears it sounded so ancient and somehow powerful. ''Its quite an old name'' he explained almost reading my thoughts.''Where are you from?'' I asked figuring from his smooth musical accent that he wasn't from around here. ''Ah,everywhere!'' he gestured with his hand as if to show, I travel but my family originally comes from Sweden. ''Oh,wow'' I sighed, ''I would love to travel like that''. Vincent smiled and nodded to himself ''yes, it is quite an memorable experience.''


We walked in silence for a while, I felt at peace walking with him and the sound of the pattering rain turned almost comforting to my ears. The moon shone brightly illuminating the sky and the road itself so we had no problem seeing where we were going. Together we passed the graveyard which seemed both eery and at the same time beautiful sorrounded by trees at nightime. The great statues of marble and limestone angels stood tall and dark with the moonlight casting a silvery light on them throwing their shadows on the ground.'' Is your home far from here?'' he suddenly stopped, ''no, its just up the road on the right.'' ''Well, Orchid it was very lovely meeting you but this is where we part.'' To my great suprise he opened the small iron gate leading to the graveyard. Suprised I asked ''You live in there?'', Vincent laughed softly, ''I live through the woods there is a little house that I rent, my Orchid, I'm not that strange'' ''Oh'' I slightly laughed feeling stupid. 'I hope to see you soon Orchid.'' With that he lowered his head as he disappeared down the path where the mist had started to settle. I stared after him for a while before I realised that it had stopped raining a while ago and I still held his umbrella in my hand. I opened the gate and called after him, ''Vincent wait, you forgot your umbrella!'' I was convinced that he had gone too far to hear me so I decided to go after him down the gravel footpath quickening my pace as i passed rows and rows of old ingraved and eroded tombstones running by them. 'vincent!'' I called again and stopped for a bit leaning my hand on a rough stone cross to catch my breath. The graveyard looked so lonely at night, during daytime one could usually see people tending to their siblings or parents graves but now without a soul here apart from the sleeping it looked almost forboding. I shivered and decided to make my way back, I was already heading back when i heard a crack somewhere behind me, ''Vincent?'' I said without turning around ''is that you?''. When I heard no answer I didn't know what had posessed me then I started to run like I have never ran before yearning to get home, suddenly my foot caught a loose rock and I fell to the ground with a start.I felt arms around my waist pulling me up, ''Orchid my dear, are you hurt?'' a concerned voice asked me. ''You forgot your umbrella'' I replied breathlessy, Vincent chuckled ''all that fuss about an umbrella!''.'' Are you sure you are allright?'' he asked still holding me, ''I'm fine'' I quickly replied pulling myself away from him, pretending to be engrossed in brushing down my skirt ,hiding my face. He reached for me taking my face in his hands which felt painfully icy on my skin and noted ''you have a slight cut here'' he slowly brushed his fingers his finger tips above my left eye. I winced as I felt the sharp pain of it now,to my astonishment he put his fingers in his mouth and sighed closing his eyes. I felt cold shivers creep down my spine as the wind picked up I knew that something was very, very wrong about him. He opened his eyes looking straight at me his dak eyes strangely glittering in the light. ''Don't be alarmed'' he said holding his arms out to me, ''the night makes beasts of us all.'' I slowly started to back away feeling and felt my heartbeat quicken, I think he heard it too.''I didn't mean to scare you like that, let me explain'' he said as he moved towards me, I whirled around running as fast as I possibly could not even knowing what direction I was going.


My sides were hurting and I felt like my lungs were about to burst.I couldn't hear any running footsteps coming behind me,maby I lost him I thought as I leaned behind a cold marble statue of an angel holding a harp and looking up at the starry sky as if praying for me. I closed my eyes trying to calm down my pounding heart and quieten my heavy breathing. ''This is not happening, this is not happening'' I kept whispering to myself. Then before I could react I felt cold fingers dig into my arm, I screamed as his other hand clamped over my mouth. ''Shhh'' he breathed into my ear ''everything is allright''. He turned me around so that I faced him. In the moonlight he strongly resembled one of the marble statues.His ivory skin shone smooth and perfect and his eyes sparkled like two perfectly like Onyxes.He could have easily been one of the angels but he certainly wasn't.

With one of hs arms holding me closely to him he said quietly ''if I take my hand away you must not scream,besides'' he lifted his voice ''no one will hear you.'' I knew that we were far away from the gate so I nodded.''You must think I'm a monster'' he said ''true,I'm souless and completley empty, there is no..as one could say real me,I roam the night like a shadow without a home and disappear durning daylight,I'm feared amongst the superstitious as I travel from place to place.'' He leaned towards me and whispered ''but yet, I'm not completley heartless, Orchid I want you to kiss me.''


Felling trapped,my breathing picked up as I tried to make sense out of is words. He placed one of his cold fingers on my lips for a moment as if to silence me and brought his face close to mine parting his lips revealing a set of dazzling white, sharp teeth like the ones of a predator.My breath came out in short gasps and I started to feel dizzy ,slowly I felt like I didn't care anymore.I completley relaxed against him,sedated I closed my eyes.His cool hard lips pressed against mine his teeth cutting in,he widened his mouth almost taking my breath away,his hand digged into my back pushing me closer to him.Placing his other hand on my neck he slowly pulled away. ''Orchid'' he breathed out, I felt my body tingle all over from he kiss, I wanted more.''I have been waiting for this moment for a long time'' he whispered, he ran his cold fingers through my long hair sending icy pleasant shivers everywhere.I edged closer to him parting my lips.''You are so beautiful'' he sighed, ''come to me my dear, my Orchid.'' My eyes flew open at those words and my senses came flooding back to me. ''No'' my voice broke, ''no!'' I said loudly as he held on tightly to me. ''Let me go!'' i beated frantically on his arms , ''Orchid, let me take you away, stay, stay! with me'' he pleaded raising his voice. Tears ran down my cold cheeks as I sobbed, ''no please no, just let me go! Vincent let me go!'' I cried.''Orchid'' he whispered gazing into my eyes ''stay'', and all went black.

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