Dedicated To My First True Love

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Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011



life so unpredictable u just never know

whats gonna happen next so im learning to let go

life gave us battles and we stuck together

we made plans, had dreams of forever

you were my everything my dream come true

i keep thinking of everything we went through

seems that last fight over the secret i held from you

helped tear apart us two

after that you still said you werent going anywhere, but even then i felt you pulling away

i tried to hold on i needed you to stay

but you found a simple little problem and you gave me a choice

i made the decision that i needed to make and that was the end of us

i sit here thinking and still i cry

my love for you still here in my heart wondering asking why :(

you stood by me throught it all

i never thought we could be torn apart by something so small

maybe the little thing yousaid we couldnt fix was an excuse to escapemy problems,but i dont blame you

if i could escape them that easily i would too

we faced too much, we werent ready, unprepared

im blessed my life was spared

to this day im still confused

i feel as if i never knew you

all the memories, were they just a dream?.

were we really not meant to be?.

i never trust anyone yet i trusted you

i remember being scared but soon that fear faded too

there was once a wall no one could climb

but you found your way over it in so little time

i gave you my innocence with no regrets

the memories with you i will always cherish i could never forget

how i felt the first time you said you loved me

the way i felt when you held me tightly

wondering was it just a lie?.

keep thinking of our last goodbye

i remember when you said you would never let go

it hurts my heart thinking of all the times i took for granted of you holding me close

wondering if its really over or if this is just a break

i dont know but it hurts, feels like a mistake

i dont know whats going to happen next all i can do is pray

God holds my future i stand by faith

now i realize i depended too much on you and forgot about him

so he took you away to wake me up to the reality of the consequences of my sin

losing you broke me ive never cried so much in my life

i remember i didnt sleep for nights

but when i went home went to church and prayed

I cried more and repented and God took awaymy pain

he replaced it with faith hope and strength

now im learning to stand on my own two feet

and depend on him when im in need

who knows what the future will bring

like i said if you and me

are truly meant to be

God will bring us back together

then we can continue our forever (:

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