Stinky the Cat

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Stinky takes a walk through downtown and finds himself becoming more that a pig! This story is funny and will touch your heart

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013





This edition of Stinky is dedicated to the faceless heroes – to all the people who do unseen acts of kindness and are never rewarded or acknowledged for them. We believe the world benefits from their acts and we would like to acknowledge all of them. It is through these selfless individuals that really help us realise our true potential as a collective. Cheers to you all! So how do we repay these phantom doers of good? Continue in their footsteps and show the same kindness towards a stranger. I’m sure they would be over the moon. We gain the most, when we give.

It was a cold and windy afternoon – one where the breeze would drop ice cubes down the back of your shirt, then point at you and laugh. The usual crowded streets were to a degree deserted, with only street lights and passing cars to keep you company. Stinky was cold and felt alone. Learning the patience to not speak was one thing; not having anyone around to mingle with was another. He was always a bubbly person – one who was always willing to share. The days where he would look around and see familiar faces seemed like a very distant memory. Just the thought of people not having anyone in their life that cared about them almost brought a tear to his eye.

So rather than walk the usual streets, he decided to explore some of the alleyways and see whether the experience was different. Life, in itself, was about exploring new things. With that thought, he turned the corner into a narrow alleyway and started walking. It seemed as though he was walking through a tunnel, because there was not much of a view to either side of him. The only thing interesting was everything right in front of his eyes.


‘What was that?’

… meow…

The sound seemed to have come from behind the large rubbish bin. He remembered that it wasn’t always good to be too curious. Someone had once told him – even though he couldn’t remember who – that curiosity would sometimes get you into trouble. As he approached the place where the sound originated, he saw something move. His heart began to race. He stepped slowly… Suddenly a little kitten appeared before him. They both froze and looked at each other for a moment of time. Nothing else mattered but the sight right before them. Stinky was filled with an urge to help. The kitten felt as though he had met his predator. It backed away slowly behind the bin. Stinky moved forward, turned his head and saw a litter of kittens much smaller than the one that had greeted him mere seconds ago. They seemed weak, hungry and tired.

Stinky looked around to see if he could find the mother of the litter. But as he searched, he realised that he would not be able to find her. So when he went back to see what he could do, the bigger kitten stood in front of the litter as though a bodyguard were protecting the Queen. He hissed and bore what little teeth he had, in hopes that his effort would scare Stinky away. He knew it was pointless to try and make him submit. Stinky backed away slowly and concluded that he had to think of something smarter to make the kittens open up to him.

He remembered something. He sped off at a pace uncanny for people, let alone pigs. It looked as though he was on a mission to save something precious to him. Although he didn’t know the kittens, nor did he really have a responsibility to care for them, he felt accountable for their wellbeing. That’s how he was raised and this would not be the best time to forget all the important lessons he had learnt when a child. He came to an abrupt stop outside a shop named ‘Trick or Treat’s Costume Store’. He disappeared into the shop, not to be seen for a while.

As the door opened, something was different about stinky. His usual pink colour turned midnight black. On either side of his nose, there seemed to be something that resembled whiskers. He ran down the stairs and headed straight back to the alleyway where the kittens were. This time was a little slower. I guess it would be hard holding two bottles of milk. As he approached, he moved slowly so that he would not seem intimidating. He didn’t know whether this trick would work. He even tried his best to make a ‘meow’ sound. It sounded awful, but sometimes, trying is better than doing nothing at all.

The bigger kitten appeared again, but this time it seemed different, relaxed, warming. They froze again but this time the kitten didn’t disappear behind the bin. He walked up to Stinky and rubbed the side of his face again Stinky. It was love. It was relief. It was special. They walked slowly toward the litter, although feeling a little self-conscious, so that he could pour some of the milk for the little ones to drink. As he poured he heard a noise rattle from one of the bins down the alley. He decided to step back and hide so people would not get the wrong impression. He ran and hid behind a recess in a factory doorway, alert but not alarmed. He saw a large cat approach, looking concerned and tired. It walked toward the litter and snuggled with all the little kittens. He knew mum had come home. They all shared the milk that Stinky brought. He knew his job was done.

The kittens looked around, as though they were trying to find someone. But Stinky was already on his way. As he walked, a thought crossed his mind. What if he didn’t stop to help? What would have happened to the kittens? He didn’t even want to think of the possibilities. He knew that a life of fulfillment was achieved from giving. He would continue to do so and not expect a thank you in return. He secretly wished that others would do the same too.

He came across a window. Stinky jumped, almost too scared of his own reflection. What in the world was he wearing? Well, sometimes you have to make sacrifices, even if it means making yourself look like a cross dressing catpig.

What will Stinky do next? Stay tuned to find out.

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