give up?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
just how i feel at this moment...

Submitted: May 10, 2012

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Submitted: May 10, 2012



why bother asking me question?

why bother knowing how i feel?

is it really important to u?

do u really care??

why do u always need 2 play wif my mind??

asking all those question

just make's me mad

coz i knw ur just trying to mess wif me

trying to shake me down

acting like u care when u clearly dont!

to be honest i feel like i hate u nw

i dun think u as a fren

n i dun care anymore

i dun giv a fuck to our friendship

im done wif it

its up to u to fix it

coz i have given up long ago

i try n try n try n try

it only gave me more pain n hurt

it finally break me down n leave me to be this...


i gave my all to this friendship

i sacrifice alot

i try everything to make u happy

bt it alwayz nt enough

its like wif u i couldnt compete

when obviously i jst wan u 2 be hapy

I seriously dunno wat I shud do edi

Do I need to be like before?

Like a lost puppy?

Cared for u deeply??

No! I don’t think so…

Now I leave it all to u

If u wan to end it

Then fine by me

But don’t expect me to fix tis

If u wan 2 save this so called friendship

U go ahead, knock urself out…

I missed u so much

N pretty much still need u in my life

But I won’t ever admit it anymore

I will wait till u say it 1st

But I guess that would never happen

Like u said right

From kid u didn’t share with d pep around u

But that’s a lie

U used to share wif me

Up until that asshole appear

U tell him everything

N leaves d scrap to me

Once u n him were over

When I needed u to be a frenz

Not just a title

But I need u to do ur job as a fren

Instead u said I dun share


Yet I still try

Like a fool I planted a hope in me

Hope that u would be like before

Hope that our friendship like it was before

Hope that u change back

I said to myself time will heal this

Such a fool!

In any relationship

1 person cannot just give n give

N d other just keeps taking

It has to work both ways around

Coz if that continue

D person who kept giving

Gonna worn out…

I guess that’s what happens to me

I wore out

I got nothing to give anymore

My heart is tired…

It dun wan to give no more

It had enough of giving

It couldn’t continue any longer

It had given up!

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