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jst the way i feel now..
this is not a story nor a poem...
i jst wan to let it all out

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013



all this fucking years

i been waiting for u

u said alot of promises

n like a fool

over n over again i believe it

u destroy my hope

n then u restore it again

just to tear me down as alwayz...


this year i finally let it all out

i told u everything

but yet u already knew that

i thought by opening up to u

things will change

but no

it only make things worst

coz u keep everything from me

u never show ur true self to me

u kept it all in

no wonder all this years

whatever i had done for u

i alwayz felt it was good enough

the fact is now

it wasnt me

it was u

making me feel like a crap

a pathetic fool

a stupid dumb frenz

u make me feel everything i do

to make u hapy was a whole lot of shits!

now that i know the truth

of how or wat u think bout me

it make me think

how was i able to stay

so long in this so called 'bff'...

when all it has been

was selfishness

i was the dumb idiot fucking fool

to ever thought that

u will be back like how u used too

but its obvious now

u wont...

n for the 1st time

im just glad that i had known the real truth

so now i wont be that fucking fool no more...

i am so done with all ur shit

u treat me like a fuccking trash

for years i been patience with ur attitude

but no more

here's what i want to say now

i fucking hate u

what i regret the most in my life

was having to be frenz to u

u wasted all my fucking years for nothing

when i could have such a great time with other pep

when i could save so much money

when i could use my valuable time

but no

all those years

only u that i wanted to spend all of that...

but u never appreciated me

not even once i guesz...

so,fuck off dude

i dont need u in my life no more

im gonna start a new life

a life where u are not invited to...

so thanx

for finally hurted me crashfully...
n goodbye

i never wanted to hear anything from u ever again

u will never have a piece of me anymore

all i have in me now is

hatred n enger towards u...

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