psycho mood

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jst me being psycho...

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



i wonder whats it would be like

if the world have no such rule's...

if there are no believes in life

if heaven and hell doesnt exist...

will we still having the life we have now?

or would it be chaos?

i seriously dont know the answer to that

i guez it depend on individual...

as for me now,

time n time again

my head goes a lil psycho

most of the time also

i feel like i want to be alone

i feel the urge to snap at someone...

i have this vicious thoughts

of me stabbing someone

then slowly watch them die

the thought of that make me smile

and i dont know why...

maybe this hatred n anger in me

is eating me up slowly

that my thoughts has slowly go insane...

and everyday

i wish n visualize that

every member of my family just die on me

my life would be so muchh easier n peaceful...

i prefer to be alone

nobody order u to do something

nobody babbling at u

nobody irritates u...

i just wish to be alone

i have no worries

i have no one to be stresz wif!


life reli does suck

i dont know why u created us 'god'

its just a big mistake

u shud had kill us last year

the world,day by day

just making more sins

so why bother to save us

we are all just a bunch of hypocrite

they pray to u everyday

but at the same time

everyday also they make more sin...

i just find this whole religion thing

is just plain stupid!!!

love is stupid

there's no pint on loving someone

in the end

u will only get hurt

thats the truth of love...

maybe im ill now

the way i am thinking,

if i go talk to someone

they will get scare...


ow well,thats the use of this

u guys dun knw me

n i dun knw u

sometime,its better to tell ur story to stranger's

its much easier

coz u guys dun knw each other...

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