the truth...denial?

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we all know knowing the truth aint easy
but its for the best i think

Submitted: April 28, 2013

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Submitted: April 28, 2013



u thought u knew someonne

but clearly u were wrong

u thought by keep believing

u could save the friendship...relationship

nobody wants to be alone

nobody wants to loss out on someone they cared the most

but once shit happen

over and over again

and ur strength to keep believing in them

slowly goes apart

everyone wants the truth

everyone wants to be happy

but what if that happiness was based on lies???

what if the person u loved was in denial...

alll those time u thought u were having a time of ur life

the other was just playing along with ur happiness

how would u possibly feel???

could u accept the truth???

being denial for more than 3 years

is that acceptedable for u???

does that make any sense???


then u think of the past

those good time's u had together

how could u trust them again???

they are everything to u

they meant the world to u

u sacrifice everything for them

but all those was for nothing

i guesz i deserve this

i guesz i deserve to be treated this way

if there's a advice i can tell

dont care way over for someone

coz u will get hurt...

as for those who r in denial

if really care..respect that person

just tell them the truth

its better to come forward early

then to give false happiness for years...

broken hearted aint fun guys

and it definately hurt deep!


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