The Dead End,

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The Dead End

Submitted: February 29, 2012

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Submitted: February 29, 2012




The Dead Endby James

Chapter One: Shoes


There were not a lot of jobs and my mum and dad died I never had much luck at all where I lived so I moved in with my brother, I wish I never now. One day in 2014, it was a dark night when I was doing my pizza round.  I had twenty eight houses left, “I’m bored with this job,” I said to myself.  It started to rain I was shivering like I was in an ice cold bath. I decided to call on my two friends Connor and Christina but only Connor was in he was not coming out this was strange because he always comes out also he was trembling.  I was on my last round when I heard a scream… 


I went to investigate who was screaming, the scream was like a crazy banshee.  I got there and all I could see was only a pair of shoes. I did not know whose shoes they were, the shoes were pink Nike trainers; I was beginning to get curious.


Chapter 2



I was trembling with fear, a cold sweat started trickling down my brow but I was eager to find out about the facts of what had happened in this dark, gloomy place.


The street that I found myself in was inhabited. There was blood dripping from the walls, the buildings were flashing and not flashing after two intervals. The blood form the walls had trickled from the wall and onto the floor causing a puddle of death.  The dead end was filled with the stench of bat droppings and dead bats.  By now I was trembling like a mini earthquake. 



Chapter 3



It was late when I decided to go in, the next morning I heard a male scream.  I went to see, and there was the same pair of shoes and I sssss saw a big hairy beast with spikes coming out of his back, sharp teeth, and a long tail with green skin.  The beast was like Shrek but even uglier!I wondered how this beast got here. I looked again and the beast had gone so had the shoes.  And then I saw Christina and then I said, “Where have you been?”  She said, “I can’t remember what happened.”  I thought that I knew what had happened but I didn’t!


Chapter 4

The End


I thought I had seen Christina changing into the beast!!!

The scream happened again and I saw my friend, Nathan being eaten by the beast. The beast was Christina and when she had transformed she had left her shoes on the path.  Nathan was dead.  I knew that she had powerful teeth.  I have to kill the beast.  Luckily I found a gun with three bullets . . . only three bullets.  Bang!  I missed, bang! I missed again!!!!! Bang!  I got her, straight through the head!  The blood was splattered all over the wall.  Now that was scary seeing Christina turn into a monster. The monster transformed back into Christina, but she was still dead!  Now I have some explaining to do!!!


The dead end

By James stobbart

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