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Mysterious deaths took pace in the city of New Delhi. Finding the culprits and reasons behind the mysterious deaths forms the story.The final twist makes the story complete.

Submitted: March 10, 2015

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Submitted: March 10, 2015




Shanvi Hiran is a fresher recently joined in a multinational software company. Regardless of the tired schedules and shifts in the office, she returns to her flat in the late night. She could notice some men in black knitted t-shirts observing her around while she parked her bike. She could feel somebody stalking her in the staircase and the elevator. Setting the elevator to reach the topmost floor of the building, she relaxed getting seated till it reached the tenth floor. She feels somebody stalking around and hid her head with her handbag till . She feels some random voices talking to her and some hollow faces of the dead following her asking her something with unclear voices. She ran in fear to her flat and was afraid to say her friends about this. She asked her friend Nayana to sit with her for company in her dinner. Nayana, with her drowsy eyes accompanied Hiran at the dining table. They both went for sleep after Hiran finished her dinner. Nayana jumped onto the bed as she was so sleepy and Hiran went for a dress change into the attached bathroom. As she changed her dress, she could again feel the hollow faces of their ancestors calling her unto them. She made it fast and stepped out of the room as she distracted her thoughts. She hurried to her bed in fear and covered herself in a big thick blanket. She slowly opened her blanket and moved slightly towards Nayana who was in deep sleep. All her trances went down as she noticed the relaxed face of Nayana, her sweat bathed face cooled down soon . Soon, she got into a sound sleep.

(After an hour)

Nayana suddenly woke up and went to the refrigerator for getting down her thurst. The sound of her anklets woke Harin from her sleep. Nayana returned to her bed. Harin again started to feel disgusting random voices around her. She herself covered tightly in the blanket with intense fear. She could feel someone walking around them and calling her to come with them. She closed her eyes as tight as she can and covered in the blanket without any gap. Suddenly, she started to feel something is crawling over her. She could feel something is creeping around her legs. She shouted in fear which woke up Nayana who is in sleep. Nayana woke up with a hypnic jerk and switched on the lights in the room. Hiran in presence of light, feeling formication and needling under skin got up from her bed shouting in agony. Losing her conscious in agony, she ran to relieve herself from the formication. The hollow faces lured her towards the balcony calling her unto them. Her speedy legs struck the creeping money plant in the balcony which made her skid out of it and fall to gravity. Panicked Nayana ran behind her to stop her but could only see a sticked corpse of Harin on the ground.

( Early in the morning, the next day)

Inspector Rakesh Rathore visited the place and called for detective Vasudha Pandit. She came to the crime scene and called for forensic department to collect samples and later the body was sent to post-mortem. She started her very investigation from Nayana. She asked the Forensic head Khanna to send her the reports of the traces immediately. Days passed as Hiran’s death posed no revelations. Nayana and friends soon adjusted to forget the tragedy and began living their normal lives.


Varun Tiwari, a forty year old man was a science geek in the Tiwari laboratories who is always busy in finding medicines for different types of cancers. On a holiday, he is relaxing in the sunny beach in a beach chair. All his colleagues were married and were with their families. Watching them, he was just lonely sipping a coconut enjoying the nature. Suddenly, a few children and women in hollow frames appeared before him asking him to come to play surfing. The children and the women in bikini seemed Varun as his dream family and he began walking with them. None of his colleagues watched him in such hallucinations. He moved into the tides of the beach conversing with those hollow frames and started surfing. He moved long enough into the ocean tides with those personas. A strike of tide on his face moved him out of his hallucinations making him understand the situation he is in. Suddenly, those frames disappeared and he started feeling reptiles crawling over him from the water. He started feeling formication and the needling sensation under his skin. Panicked Tiwari, jumped into the water and for losing the formication. His colleagues who kept an eye on his surfing called people to help him as he didn’t return even after a long time. Swimmers arrived the place and boats went searching for him. After an hour, they could find Tiwari’s body with a bulged stomach and panicked face.

Inspector Rakesh Rathore arrived the place in an hour. He called for forensics and sent the body to post-mortem. Vasudha Pandit arrived the situation and started her very first investigation with his colleagues. A bunch of reporters surrounded Khanna and Pandit asking about the case. No answers were received as it was mysterious for them too.


A plenty of the mysterious deaths struck the city of New Delhi in a mean time of months. No clues about the death and no exact reasons were revealed in the post mortem of the corpses. Vasudha Pandit with her team was involved in a serious mission of attaining the reason behind the deaths.

Jeevan Pandit, an younger brother of Vasudha pandit is studying in a high school in an IIT oriented school. His mother in these days often complains about him to Vasudha about his sleep walks and sleep talks. She is always in a worry of his condition. Panditji suggested her to talk to a doctor about this.

(One week before IIT examination)

Jeevan was walking along their street to reach home. As the next day was a grand test day, he was memorizing all the subjects in a glance. A dog appears infront of him in sudden.  He was so panicked as it very fierce ran to his house. The dog ran behind him. That striked him hard in his brain and he could just regain that about the situation . All the words he could say were ‘Don’t kill me’. He was screaming in fear till everyone slept. In the midnight, he woke up screaming in fear and started to run as he lost his conscious. His mother ran behind him to control his fear. The dogs in the street tore his muscles and her mother was also hosptialised with him. Vasudha pandit who came to know about the situation met them in the hospital. They were unconscious to talk to her. The reports revealed the result was severe dog bites and intense fear those pulled them into the situation.

The city was in intense fear of all the mysterious deaths. Weekly deaths turned to daily deaths and the citizens craved for the reason behind the deaths . The reason behind the deaths  remained still mysterious. People in the city, irrespective of religion, age and authority are turning to corpses. Statistics showed that about thousand people in the city turned their lives to mysterious deaths. Pandits were hospitalised and were in severe coma. Vasudha Pandit with her team was in serious search of the revelation. On the other side, Inspector Rakesh Rathore  with the help of forensic department were working hard.

(Two months later)

The united team of Vasudha Pandit, Rakesh Rathore and Khanna found the cause behind the serious deaths for past six months. They arranged a press-meet regarding the deaths in the city.

Inspector Rakesh Rathore said “ The culprit behind the several serious deaths was found.  Finally, the mystery is known . A sincere advice from me is being cool all through your works.”

Forensic head Khanna said “ After examining the several clues, the reason behind it was revealed by several experienced doctors finally.”

Detective Vasudha Pandit revealed that the disease is so dangerous when we live alone. It is so outrageous when subjected to stress and pressure. Doctors advice to consume plenty of fluids to overcome this disease. Intimacy between man and woman helps in avoiding this syndrome in a great manner. So, the problem is being lonely. This includes the symptoms of Schizophrenia and hallucinations. The patient may also feel the symptoms of Cotard delusion during it’s presence. This is a report given by a team of specialised doctors allotted for the purpose specifically after the serious examination of several death cases. The new diseases in the world outrage when chances arise. Don’t be lonely.

The press meet ended with these revelations. Several awareness programmes were being conducted for educating people on the disease and creating the awareness. The pace of the deaths in the city slowly reduced and the syndrome is almost controlled and it is seen nowhere now.


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