Rabid Chicken and Spider

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Just a dream

Submitted: June 18, 2008

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Submitted: June 18, 2008



There was this man, I couldn't see his face,

Nor do I know the name of the place,

All I could see were his jeans and his boots of steal toe,

And suddenly, I felt that this man was a foe,

I ran and ran as fast as I could,

Through the grass, the thicket, the wood,

And just like a horror flick, I fell to the ground,

The dust was flying as I rolled over on my back to take a look around,

Right as this mystery man began to descend upon me,

I also spied a spider and a chicken with rabies,

The three beings all seemed out to obtain my demise,

And I kicked the man in the chest, much to my suprise,

But by the time the man fell back,

I suddenly realized the talents that I lacked,

For my reflexes simply were not quick enough to deter the other two,

And as they both ascended upon me, I tried to figure out what to do,

Grabbing the rabid chicken tightly around the throat,

I slung it at the spider hoping my courage wouldn't choke,

Then, to my amazement, the spider attacked the bird,

And I was covered in blood, holding a mouth without a word,

I awoke and hurredly went to see my therapist,

I wanted to tell her about my dream without a second to miss,

For, I was glad, that for once, I'd had a NORMAL night,

Instead of an evening filled with all the flashbacks and the fright,

To my dismay, she did confess,

That my dream WAS NOT normal, but a mental MESS,

That was when I wondered about her subtlty,

I wondered if she were attempting ever so politely.......

To diagnose me with insanity.

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