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stuff n thangs

Submitted: January 19, 2013

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Submitted: January 19, 2013



A tantric moment slips away... all to fast for any one concerned... (br)

Chemical enduced frustration marring things further (br)

I sit and wait for the next moment watching as you sleep (br)

delirium has struck.... but in my heart i'll keep(br)

fragments and pieces of this moment, however frustrating it was (br) 

I tr;y to stay on my toes and not fall in love (br)

LOVE, such a fickle thing... like a kitten with a string (br)

A fool once again... wandering into traffic.  Love sic and blind (br)

delirium it seems has gripped me... swirling inside my mind (br)

but it seems to be a good thing...although i've probably lost my mind (br)

confusion has me second guessing  common sense has me torn(br)

I've learned not to get to attached... but i guess that's what short memories are for (br)

Have you learned nothing?  Yes I've learned that I know nothing (br)

You can never hope to trust your inner voice (br)

self preservation it seems is the obvious choice (br)

But why worry,  In the grand scheme of things? (br)

This life is more fleeting than it seems.... (br)

So why fight the delirium... embrace this thing called confusion (br)

no one makes it out alive in the end.


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