My life plus more..

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This pretty much combines my life with a 23 year old guys life. Therefore, it's fictional/ non fictional. Read if you want..

P.s. Everyone keeps asking me if I film porn. No, I don't. For now, I'm too young. Not that I want to but it's an interest..

P.S.S. A lot of this story is my life but backwards. Instead of a 23 year old guy, I'm a young girl. Just twist the genders and you'll figure it all out I'm sure.

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



Many people ask me why I film lesbian porn. I don't see it as sexy or something to turn me on. No, actually, I film lesbian porn because it's another work of art in the world. It's a chance of a lifetime to experience the feelings and all of the different emotions that goes into porn. If I could, I would film gay and straight porn, for more of the experience. For now, my only choice is lesbian porn so I'm sticking with it.

Yes, I am a guy and I'm 23 years old. I get many questions referring to my sexuality though. Here is the way I explain it to anyone that asks: Of course, I'm not straight. I think everyone has the right to know that about myself. Though, I'm not completely gay, obviously, if I'm filming lesbian porn. The confusing part is that I'm not bisexual either and that's when I get the weird looks from people. I love my job and I probably wouldn't trade it for the world. I also love getting to know the different lesbians out there, their thoughts on life and so on, but I have a deep interest or more so care for guys. They catch my attention better and I have that gut feeling that I get whenever I see a naked man. Now, that's what turns me on. I have dated girls, though it seems I like the emotions in some guys more than any of the girls I met.

So, I just explained my confusing or rather different sexuality and now that you know that much about me, I can get on with the rest of my life.

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My life plus more..

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