A recall of my memory

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It is a story of a beautiful memory I have when I was a child living in a cottege beneath the mountains.

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



A recall of my memmory

Day 1

It was a warm day and I was traveling to a place of escape. I had a rough time behind me, triumphently concquered. Though it left an emptiness inside me. I knew that I did it, I won, but it felt surreal. As if I was flying a bird, looking down on my acomplishments knowing I traveled the road, but not getting that this is mine. A gentle rock of the car, draw my focus on the road as we came to a halt. My younger brother stepped out of the car, enthusiasticaly grabing his backpack. I pushed the doors aside, stepping out into the fresh mountain air, not noticing it at the time. Ive been here before. This is not the first time I'm here walking the rocky and dusty graveled road in front. As a young boy I spent many weekends and vacations waking up in the early morning, taking my rubber boots, grabing my wooden stick and going on a mission to find mushrooms, along this paths. Along side of myself, my grandfather and both of my cousins, hiking through the dark brown and chill forests in the morning, seeing the water drop sprakles covering the roots and branches on the musshy dirt, seeing a big misty cloud of my breath and an owl, sharing her voice through the trees.

»If you have some money in your pocket, when you hear the owl, you will become very rich« said my grandfather. I went into my pockets and all I felt was the cloth of my pants, hoping I'd have some money next time, not knowing I was allready a millionare. The image of my younger self, with hands in my pockets and an empty pocket in my hand, slowly desolved as I stopped daydreaming and got to the first electric wire on the road. I remember how my grandfather would always hold it down with a stick so I could climb over the sky-high wire, that is now touching my knees. I steped over and went walking on. From here you can see a steep green grassy hill, with flowers and grass in all shapes and sizes. A wall of trees goes far from and all around me, seperating the wild from the clearing. Its been 11years since I was here and it felt right to come again and step into the character of my youth.

The path we were walking on was a simple walked-in path in the grassy carpet beneath us. Soon I saw my grandparents cottage. Beautiful. Silent, wooden, with a hill raising and protecting it from behind, and another one desceneding in front of it, giving a kings view. On the other side of the hill were the neibghours, so were they on the right. Each home apart from the other, yet close enough for a warm welcome. The house was surrounded with an electric wire since there were usualy cows, making their bell melody. We stepped over and aproached the house. My grandfather sitting in front of it, taking the warm suns rays to his skin, as he smiled and greeted us both. To his suprise, I came to stay for 4 days. The house had its doors on the side, by its big tall wall, were spiders hanging out. We went in and... as you step in, a light brown wooden door is on your right and a yellow-brown wooden stairway on you left, being very narow and twisted in a U patern. In front of me is the bathroom, small enough to fit 1 person at a time. Yet me and my cousin always brushed our teeth together at the sink there...since water was short. The stairway led to the bedroom upstairs. Downstairs I stepped to my right into the living room with a kitchen just around the corner. As you step in there is a long, wide, grey softy couch with vague red lines and a window next to it. Pass the couch you find the eating table next to the stone fireplace.

The table used to be my hideout, playing on all fours with cars beneath it, surrounded by chairs, looking through them into the orange, yellow, red soul, dancing behind a black wire patterned door of the fireplace. The warmth of its presence on my little red cheecks and my mind blank. No thoughts, no desire, no plans, no wants, just feeling alive in the momment.
Happy and satisfied, full of something, like a soft cozy blanket wrapped around my soul, keeping me safe and warm.
I looked at the fireplace again and it was empty and quite. The chair I was holding was the same, so was the table, even the windows I looked through.
I lost the cozy.
My aunt came from the kitchen, started smiling and making a suprised face like we usualy do when we see each other just for laughs, walking towards me as I huged her. I felt home...
Even though I couldnt see it, I knew the next 3 days were going to be...


If you found pleasure in this, let me know.
Days 2,3 and 4 to follow.

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