Shadow Quest

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The search for ones self throught college, education and life.

In a land, over oceans and beyond
there lived a man whose tale shall be told.
Like great heroes, with a squire he was born
trailing along his side, long, black and full of pride

The days and nights made their presence known,
but fear he not, as every hero's bold.
Seasons change, leaves fall down,
winter comes, but his squire still stands proud.

But oh ye', behold !
The hero 's called, he towards white barracks goes.
Where's his squire ? thinks he not
The sound of trumpets makes his sight go dark


There he trains, he fights
for love, for grades and teachers praise
Projects come, fingers clench the sword
deadlines scream, another battle's won

Years go by, the time will come
when je leaves, the barracks so well known
fully armed he rides, from battle onto war
but look,
behind him squire is no more.


A beam of light, strikes from the sky so clear
who is he, standing tall and proud
could it be, the squire that was lost, now found ?
the heroes skin is thick, but his eyes reflect a silent tear

"State your name!" asks our hero bold
"Who you calim to be ?"
Words are spoken, none received
the birds go silent
as the blade its scabbard leaves

Yet the ground it does not reach
the arm is stopped, as eyes perceive
the hero found his squire, it is he

Submitted: November 26, 2014

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